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I went to a SVDP one last week. Found vintage Longchamp for $7

My fiance is a manager of one here in Illinois but shhhhh that's my secret weapon lol

Theres a SVP up the street from me but havent popped in. Im off for 2 weeks from work starting today and plan to spend sometime visiting new thrifts.

@change_of_seams SVP? Is that Savers? Sorry I'm horrible with abbreviation. 😬

@phoenixthrifter602 Saint Vincent De Paul (I forgot the D) lol.

@siempre_deeane I bet you get incredible items from his store 🙂

@change_of_seams lol as I flip back to my post I saw St Vincent D. Paul lol that's when it clicked in. Sorry I'm super slow. Don't mind me 😝

@phoenixthrifter602 hahaha! I can be the same way sometimes.

@change_of_seams I think there's another SVDP off of Guadalupe and baseline I believe 🤔

No idea where that is. ut pretty sure its far from me Lol. Im in Scottsdale area.

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