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Some are really rude when there is that stupid dot on the label. Ugh. I hope you find a nicer Walgreens

@pdxthriftingturkey I haven't coupon in a while so I was a little nervous about going through all the craziness all over again 😬 but I did however come home with 2 boxes. I'll settle for that 😉

@pdxthriftingturkey fortunately the lady cashier was nice to my hubby and I. Thank goodness whew*

Best one out there


@phoenixthrifter602 how much is it each after coupon? $10-$3=$7? I'm Trying to use points tomo

Told ya....that's what they did down here :(

I ask cashier scan she say it reg prices $10 ... I guess I come back tomorrow.

They know good & well that's a gift set for Christmas. Who they trying to fool? Sorry it happened to you

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