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Wondering what these are? Welp, these are actually tissue papers I collected from Christmas. I made sure by announcing to all the family and friends to not throw any tissue papers away. These are one of the great ways to keep product or package safe when shipping. #ebaytips #ebay #resell er #thrift er #phoenixthrifter #recycle #resued #resell #smartpoints #thrift #sharing

12/29/2016 4:42:08 AM 19

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That's a great idea ! Even better to reuse for next year lol

I've done the same thing for the last two years 😅. My family always saves now and brings it to me from other parties!

@dear_em_ absolutely! Lol save so much money. 😉

@thriftingthelakes I've been doing this forever but now it's more for my reselling business purposes. I may look crazy coming home every year with 3 bags full of tissue papers and non broken boxes but I must say I'm pretty smart 🤓 lol 😂

I'm the same way lol. I have a box full of tissue paper

@mizzzmakeup high five ✋😉

@phoenixthrifter602 haha! Hey saves money!!

Awesome! But be careful, occasionally colored tissue paper bleeds and can stain items.🙃

I did the same thing 😂😂

I do the same thing ever Christmas & bday saves &$$$$ and great recycling

@theurbanscavenger very true I forgot about that. Thank you 😊

Like it!

I did the same! Came away with a huge stack.

Im looking for some after xmas clearance sales on these...but after reading the above may have to stick with the white

@change_of_seams I totally agree! Sam's club!!! A pack of 500 tissues $5!! 😉

@phoenixthrifter602 So you need a membership for Sams? I dont have one :(

@change_of_seams yes 😕 sorry. Maybe try ordering online ?

Ill try and see. thts a great deal.

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