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I've been wanting these Starbucks ornaments (pack of 4) FOREVER!! Finally got these at a clearance price of $6.99. I'm a huge Starbucks girl, if you ever catch me at a thrift store you will catch me with a Starbucks drink in my hand and if not my hand it will be sitting in my cart next to my handbag. #stayfocus #starbucksallday #thriftgirl #thriftshopper #thrifter #phoenixthrifter #starbucksgirl #clearance #clearance finds #nextyeardecor #christmasstarbucksornament

1/7/2017 8:08:32 PM 19

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@godismycomfort lol you already know me 😊

@phoenixthrifter602 haha same here! Love Starbucks!

@redfoxretail all day!! 😄

I have a Starbucks within walking distance to my house! You've now inspired me to go find one for myself @phoenixthrifter602!

Lol me too! I was just thinking about what time I want to leave my house for a rainy Starbucks run.

@thriftingnation it wouldn't be right if you don't lol 😝

@thriftysearching rain is coming this way too, thank goodness I beat it. Got my starbeezy!! Go get yours. ☕️ lol

Super cute! My stores were completely out.

Got the bears, one to keep, two to flip.

@marashops keep searching I know there's more some where, if I come across some I will let you know 😉

@scoster1 ooh!!!! I saw those last night at my Starbucks inside the grocery store but I was in a hurry so I couldn't stop to get it. Lucky you! I'll have to try to stop by some time later today. Thanks for the reminder 😉

Last weekend, they were $5-6. See my home page for photo @phoenixthrifter602.

Or my Skokie Shopper Facebook page.

I see Gucci! 😍😍😍😁

Those are so cute! And I'm not even a coffee drinker 😂

Love your work!


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