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Can you buy it I'll pay you

Haha is there any more? This is such a good deal

Did you buy it?? It's soooo cute!

😍 hope you bought it!

@annadoeshair yikes! Sorry girly, I left the store. I post this while sitting in the car on my way home. I am going back tomorrow since they haven't finish putting all the yellow tags out. I'm super excited but it will be a while since I have a meeting after work 😬 keeping my fingers crossed in hopes all the good stuff will still be there when I'm off 😕

@chic_and_thrifty_mama lol no but I'm kinda regretting it now 😬

@smalltownjunker 😐 I didn't I left it 😞

Next Thursday they have another final round of marking down

Oh that's lovely....I love Fringed bags so much!

@amehmedovic2 omg! Are u serious? You are killing me with this news lol I HAVE to make myself available for the sale, look what you started.. I won't be able to concentrate at work now lol

@thriftingnation me too! Just wish it was a little cheaper than $59 hehe 😆

@phoenixthrifter602 lmao!! Yes! The girl was doing the yellow stickers while I was there and told me. I had a ton of stuff and left all but one to come back next week. If it's there great if not I'm ok with that

I have that bag and get so many compliments

The ones at my tjmaxx today were $79

@annadoeshair I went to a different location and I saw the same $79, I guess every Tjmaxx price drop are not all the same.

I'm not a fan of MK but I'd love to get this one for such a good price.

@holaola1988 I'm not either but I love the the style

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