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I call rainbow dash on the end! 🙋🏻😂 lol jk ❤

@ashleyyy_maarie that's the only one I knew hahaha

Same! Haha 😂

@ashleyyy_maarie they're 88 cents at the target in enfield! The clearance sticker says $1.48 but I realized they rang up cheaper and went a little nutty!

Good deal shopping! I love when things are cheap! ☺

@ashleyyy_maarie me too! I buy the kids their winter stuff when it's all on clearance in Jan/Feb and new school clothes as I find things they like super cheap on sale or clearance! And I christmas and birthday shop throughout the year when I find cheap things!

@punkabillypirate SUCH a good idea!!!!

@weirdo_zebra4 thank you! I stash it all through out the year and end up getting everything SO much cheaper that way!

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