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Omg really!!! I wish I could get them at that price I saw Hugo Boss but it was 50% I wish it went down more 😩

@hmrscans yeah I saw that too my husband put it back on the shelf. $18 no way we are paying that price. We both will be patient for the price to drop. 😉

@couponwhat if they are still there right 😖 hmm should I hide them? Will it matter if they are hidden will they go down to 70%

Lol @hmrscans I have no idea. Don't forget there are other coupons there and if they are a true bargain/couponers they will find them cuz I know I roll through every aisle and look up n down. But good luck 😝

😅 I hid those EAS packets so well I have been buying them as I found clearance stuff to stack with them 😂 so far I did find someone else's I black sweater 2 of them at a target a few weeks back I put them back

I put those back right there cuz I thought they were waiting for them to go down to 70% but they were there until a few days later I didn't notice I hope that person got them before the staff found them 😅

@hmrscans you are one daring Chica' lol

@couponwhat thank you I'm going to post later the things I bought using those EAS packets with my clearance finds to help lower my OOP

@hmrscans what's an EAS packet?

They are protein powders for $1.29 and had coupons $3/1 any the overage from them helped so much @couponwhat I will tag u to my post were it helped me save

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