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Quando a vida nos dá uma companhia pra praticar Yoga em casa O que você está vendo ao seu redor? Veja as coisas simples... Simplesmente agradeça! Bom dia

26.2.2017 15:33:41 5

Lord, sometimes its hard to understand what you really want to happen.. but I trust you and I know you will give me what's the best.. #bepositive

26.2.2017 17:46:44 0

I've heard so many people say they've tried so many different things that didn't work for them, so they just gave up. ️Changes aren't always easy, but if you challenge yourself and don't give up, you will be that much more proud of yourself WHEN you see success and achieve your goals!!! ️

26.2.2017 17:39:58 1
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An diesem wunderschön sonnigen Sonntag bekommt meine Haut mit zwei Masken mal wieder ein Extra-Treatment! Begonnen habe ich mit einer reinigenden Mischung aus grüner Heilerde, Serum und Gesichtswasser und anschließend verwende diese pflegende Creme-Maske von Und weißt du was mich neben dem leckeren Duft und der tollen Pflegewirkung noch glücklich macht? Die wundervollen Sprüche auf dem Deckel der Produkte. Sie erinnern dich bei jeder Nutzung daran, wie schön das Leben ist und wie dankbar wir alle sein können. Hier wird zum Beispiel daran erinnert, was man an sich selbst mag, etwas an das man viel zu selten denkt, weil man mit sich selbst oft viel kritischer ist. In diesem Sinne: Die Sonne scheint, das Leben ist schön und du bist einzigartig und wunderbar. Auch wenn in der Welt gerade viele Dinge abgehen, die einen an dem Guten zweifeln lassen, gibt es doch mindestens genauso viele kleine Dinge, die dem entgegenwirken, man muss sie nur beachten und sich davon inspirieren lassen um die Welt selbst zu einem besseren Ort zu machen. Ich verabschiede mich jetzt wieder zum Lernen, denn der Faschings-"Lärm" hat sich wieder gelegt! Genieße deinen Tag! :) ❤️ 🇬🇧 At this sunny Sunday my skin gets some special treatment: First I mixed a mask with green clay, serum and toner, now I use the creamy mask by Do you know what I love about it besides the yummy smell and the great result? The German sentences on top can be translated like this: What do you like about yourself? About your personality, your appearance? Such a quote is on every product to #bepositive #begrateful . This reminds you everyday to think about the positive things in your life and makes you more feel better. So I am pretty happy right now, the sun is shining, life is great and even though there are many bad things happening in the world at the moment, there are maybe even more small good things that happen everyday and need to be noticed to be inspired to make the world better every day. ️❤ #prsample #naturalcosmetics #greenbblogger

26.2.2017 17:44:45 2

Tu si, gdje si, jer tako treba biti. Ne brini. Dolazi bolje vrijeme. Dolaze dani s više SUNCA. ❤ #bepositive

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PLS READ‼️ ⭕️Hi guys! Im reposting this not just so i could get my wish or not. Im reposting this to give ya'll a lesson.. THERE'S NO HARM TRYING! Try, try and try even if you fail multiple times! Even if youre not sure if it will work, try. Look at things positively as much as possible. Try as long as you're not yet done, your reward will only be based on the effort you exerted!!! TRY! "It's all about that mindset!" -Tessa Brooks ❤️ #try #love #bepositive #positivityisviral #effort #goals #mindset #lessonoftheday #reachforthestars

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Try something new, do something new, change your routine, chase a new happy

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