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A beautiful jewelry box by Godinger.. a girl need something vintage to hold those diamonds.

15.2.2017 23:29:52 1

Man cave rules! Oh really! See for more

15.2.2017 21:00:08 2
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✨My first ever YouTube✨ I've been buying and selling vintage for years, and I always dreamed of sharing my knowledge somehow. As I dive deeper into this online seller community, You have inspired me to share. Im pretty nervous about it, and I sure hope you will like my content. I want to share more....But I may not have too much recent online sellers experience as I was so locked into my retail hustle at my shizzop. I did all of the social, email, marketing, merchandising, sourcing, styling, sales and everything else involved in my brick and mortar of 7+ years in Silicon Valley. I hope Im successful at this adventure too...find me as Tiff bee or shady vintage for some giggles and knowledge. I hope you like! Viva the hustle! ️🤷‍️🤦‍️

11.2.2017 22:47:01 6

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