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Polo Bear Towels For Sale Polo Spellout - $25 Surfing Bear - $80 Yellow Jacket Bear - SOLD Prices include Shipping

3/27/2017 3:35:09 AM 5

Need a little wisdom here please. hope I can receive some input. When selling a NWT item with defects do you usually price low because of its condition? I have a item, I know it sells well, but I priced it at 7 day auction and low because of some faint marks on it. It's currently getting bids and eventually sell at more than I thought it would. Did I do the right move?

3/27/2017 3:11:43 AM 2

-- love getting these notifications! I've been selling on eBay for over 10 years but just recently decided to pursue it as an additional income. I'm a full time postal worker and becoming a part time eBay seller. I also do online surveys and product reviews for additional income. It's exhausting doing so much but well worth it! One day I hope to be a full time seller and entrepreneur and no longer work for someone else. ✌ #ebayseller #ebayer #entreprenuer #positivemindset #blessed #inspiration #thrifting

3/27/2017 2:42:10 AM 1

Stopped at a flea market in Kentucky and this was in one of the guys booths and he wasn't there I would of cashed him out

3/27/2017 1:07:11 AM 2
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Storage run this morning........ need to get focused and take pictures and list, list, list,list one shelf at the time ........

3/27/2017 12:04:47 AM 1

Saved $576.31 and only paid $35.91 for 4 garbages full of products! Some will be shipped off to Amazon and some will be listed on EBay! Two items will pay for this whole trip! Thank you Kmart! Everything was 95% off #reseller #resellcommunity #resellclothes #ebayer #ebayseller #fba

3/26/2017 9:32:16 PM 0
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