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Last day of the month. Use those listings up! I have 117 BIN left - for what I don't use, I'll end some that are set to end within the next few days & relist for a fresh 30 days. There are months I run out of listings, so making sure all my listings get used helps. #ebayreseller #ebaystore #wahm #resaleforprofit #ebaytips #reseller

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If you're starting out (like I did only a few months ago), use eBay sold listings to figure out the market value of literally anything and #listlistlist ... You gotta be in it to win it! Trial and error is your friend

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Did you just start your eBay account? Here are some tips on getting some quick & easy positive feedback.

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Excuse the poor photo but I wanted to let you guys know what I have figured out about these sorts of backpacks for travellers. Although this is a Kathmandu bag which is somewhat well known (at least in Australia), I've found it doesn't seem to matter what the brand is, young travellers just don't want to pay/can't afford the full price of these from retail stores ($180-300). I come across quite a few on the weekly garage sale hustle. Bought this for $5, sold for $80 #canyouspotmydog #clickbait #kathmandu #travelgram #backpacker

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We just hit 5000 insta followers! That's really awesome guys! Thank you so much -- to show our appreciation we're going to give away $50. We're not doing a huge contest or anything. Just like this post and leave a comment and we'll choose somebody at random. You must have a PayPal act so we can just send the $50 payment directly to you this community is really great and we appreciate all the support! $50 isn't a huge amount of money but remember, we started our biz with only $200 so who knows what $50 could do! So again, like this post and leave a comment and we'll choose a winner by the end of the week! Cheers - Ryan & Alli

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Find of the day! HERMES! Yesterday I went sourcing since some plans got cancelled. Generally I don't pick up much from this particular store that I went to, however this was sitting first up on the rack so I picked it up immediately. I have been sifting through tie racks as I have seen sold listings at $100+. This is a 100% Linen, Hermes - Made in France short sleeve button front shirt. There are not many listings on eBay to compare so I am asking the reselling community to help me out here. I saw one sold listing of a plain black shirt sell for $700 + shipping (can you believe that they added shipping as if the $700 wasn't enough ) Has anyone picked up Hermes shirts? What should I list it for? I don't want to underprice it and leave money on the table. Any help would be amazing! As always, Happy Hustling. #listing #hermes #reseller #ebayseller #hustling #hustler #entrepreneur #business #ebaytips #resale #ebaybusiness #ebaystore #ebayseller #ebaylife #online #bolo #online business #reselling #ebayhustle #reallifereseller #getthatcash #online seller #listlistlist #reseller help

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This should be a fun one! Come hang out with us tomorrow morning 9:30 PST - We'll basically be answering any questions you want us to so if you have something you want us to talk about, leave a comment on this post!! @goplethora @hazelheartsvintage

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Gonna be a busy morning for me

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Hey there IG world, had this message sent to me after an auction ended. Just wanted to run it by you seasoned sellers ...I googled this and apparently it's a bit of a cop out excuse? Thing is, if I submit a case to eBay, and he has to pay, he will probably leave a bad review. What would you fine looking people do?

27.2.2017 15:48:16 24

TODAYS EBAY SELLER TIP OF THE DAY: The Dunners are probably going to come after me for this one (UPDATE: I have been attacked & belittled 3 times) anyways. #raedunn is a Bay Area artist that has a line that can be found @Homegoods, @tjmaxx @marshalls these are extremely sought after & have a HUGE following. After seeing this I am most likely going home and selling mine as a lot. The flour, cookies, coffee & tea retail for 12.99 That kisses Canister retailed for 7.99. If you live near any of these stores go find some, but be sure to get there when doors open. This isn't a new thing either. The pour pitcher shown on here is the original. There is a second, newer one that is shorter. DM me with any questions you have! #sharingalltheknowledge #resell_retail #raedunn ebay #ebay #ebaysale #ebaytips #ebaystore

27.2.2017 02:56:48 17

New blog post is up! Link in bio. Unfortunately, I will not have a YouTube video up tomorrow as I will be sourcing out of town. If I find some great stuff, I will happily make a haul video later this week

27.2.2017 00:26:28 2
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Sewing machines. I've said it once and I'll say it again, buy those brand names! Bought this Janome for $10, sold for $90. People seem to be loyal to their sewing machine brands - get on board! #goodflip #janome #sewingmachine

26.2.2017 16:36:32 25

Oh my goodness. (I know I need to up my photo game. Goal right is to sell so I can cross all the supplies I need off my list.) Anyways I figured out how to add a VIDEO to the description box in my listing. This changes everything. I will do a tutorial soon, until then google how to add a video to an eBay listing! #ebaytips #ebaysale #resell_retail #ebayseller #sharingalltheknowledge. @hustleathomemom @statesplace @mywickedvintageshop @travelandthrift did you know this was a thing?

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