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I've grown to love Mondays, mostly because they are the New Year's Day of the week. Monday gives us the new beginning we crave. For anything that went wrong last week, a change you're looking to make, many of us wait until Monday to start all over. This past weekend I spent my time at the Women's Symposium @officedepotfoundation , and constantly found inspiration. Here's the thing, we don't need to wait till Monday to start, we can start at any point. Starting is the first step. Become who you've always wanted to be. You are waiting for you, and you're worth it. . . . #newadventure #courage #freedom #workingwoman #bossbabe #careermode #careerhunt #inspiration #letsdothis #careerwoman #femmepreneur #careermode #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #beingboss #femalecommunity #ladyboss #miamientrepreneur #miamibusiness #miamilearns #womenleadership #bossmindset #miamilife #leadership #womenleadership #gamechanger #careercoach #forbes #theleaguewomen #newbeginning

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"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories tel tell not stuff to show" - Anonymous #makewavesmonday #wanderlust

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open to order . ada sesiapa kat cne peminat shawl atau bawal x??sesuai sgt tgk post ni skejap.. . Cikya dengan rasminya buka order untuk tempahan shawl/bawal dari MFshawls by Mira Filzah arini.. . ❤️kualiti kain yg sgt bkualiti tinggi ❤️design yg menarik - trend terkini (dreamcatcher) ❤️packaging yg sgt exclusive ❤️harga yg berpatutan . Cikya sendiri dah grab smua koleksi mfshawl ni uols.sbb tu cikya berani nk promot and jual shawl ni..skrg xperlu pening2 nk belit2..sbb shawl ni tersangat2 la sng untuk digayakan..sgt sesuai untuk smua aktiviti..bila pakai tu confident lebih org ckp..fefeeling mcm #ladyboss MiraFilzah tau..sapa x nak kan..jom order lekaih2.. . for order: 013 9338836 . p/s: sesuai jugak untuk abg2 kt luar sana nk hadiah untuk insan dia mmg exclusive sgt. ❤️❤️❤️

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"My life shouldn't be as amazing as it is today..." Have you ever seen hope manifested? Our featured creative babe, Rachel, has and it's come in the form of seeing her wildest dreams turn into her reality. As a child, Rachel experienced enough heartache to make a person want to give up on life (read her 'About' page on But instead, she found a way to use her pain to propel her into success. A true overcomer, I appreciate her transparency and dedication to helping others find the clarity and confidence they need to step into their full purpose. Check her out @girlconfident. ~ We've all experienced tough times, but we're still here. Yes, we've struggled, cried, and maybe even questioned our purpose for being here, but we're still here. Let's make it a point to encourage one another today. Tag someone you admire and tell her why she's an amazing woman.

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Are you done rolling your eyes at the illusion of perfect that's prolific on Insta? Join @imperfectbosses to celebrate #theimperfectboss Feb. 20-22. Tag #theimperfectboss to share your imperfect and awesome journey! #progressnotperfection

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On this Monday morning let's do something that will make the Dreamer in is excited 🤗 #IAmADreamer

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Like I've mentioned over the past week, this month is all about sharing my experience with growing my community.... So today, I want to answer a question that someone in my group asked me: How do I get people interested in joining my group? Here's the answer, I don't know. The truth is that I haven't even thought about how to get people INTERESTED in how to join my group. I've just been showing up consistently every single day since I spoke to an incredible coach about this.... And it has been working. I think before we even think about how to get people interested in joining our communities we have to get ourselves interested in growing them! Instead of putting that focus on them, let's bring it back to us. What can we do to make ourselves motivated and interested enough to show up every day and INVITE people into our communities. I know you know the answer... You've probably signed up to webinars and read the emails... - Create content - Make yourself visible - Have awesome freebies It's really that simple, open your heart, take action, and invite. If you're not inviting people in, they'll never knock on your door (or at least at first when not many know about your secret garden). #community Giveaway Now, I'd love to know what are 3 things that you are committed to do every single day to invite people into your community? xoxo Barbara Iuliano Business Confidence Coach for New Coaches

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Happy Monday! It's all about the new new✨ Lets go!

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I'm going to try and remember this little quote... My new mantra

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Happy Monday! The Complete Emoji Guide for Social Media Marketers Don't you love ❤️ Emojis 🤣🤗🤑🤔

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In my happy place with some great people @alex8483 @ryan_florenco @kayla.flo @jason_behnke @mrscherribehnke

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Operation home office has begun Alex Griss and I just spent a while emptying out the desk and file cabinets and took furniture to the curb for pick up- time to re-decorate #workathomemom #getfitwithtanya

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