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Day 2: 15 Days of Linear Acceleration. Stabilizing and maintaining posture, control, and mechanics through fast exchanges is key because let's face it, we are trying to get faster. When snapping focus on applying force into the ground and stabilizing as quickly as possible. You are trying to get into that tall acceleration position as quickly as you can. Fire through the standing glute and maintain a tall posture throughout. Try not to jump up when snapping, it's an exchange not a jump. Don't over arch the back and don't collapse forward, maintain a neutral position and keep the core engaged throughout. Once you get good at snapping in place progress to moving forward slow and control, then add the snapping. Don't try to progress too fast, #trusttheprocess! Master these first and stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow!!

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Run........... ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Get your mind in shape and build up the habit to exercise. Sometimes I don't feel motivated to do my routine or to eat good stuff, but because I have created a habit I am able to pass over that feeling. How do I do it? By setting a time that I am more likely to stick with it, start with easy routine of maybe 20 mins so I won't get burnout and then progress to more challenging ones increasing intensity and time so I don't get burnout, I make it pleasurable either outdoor with great scenery or at home with good music, opening windows or doors to let air flow and see the sky, my plants or my pets move around. Wearing comfortable clothes helps. Personally I like to wear flattering pieces because I measure my body changes that way too and it makes feel sexy which in turn motivates me even more. Also having an accountability partner or a group makes it fun and it gives you a sense of responsibility , motivation and inspiration to others and yourself. I have my group and we share everyday. If you need an accountability partner just LMK and I can add you to my free group .

3/25/2017 4:46:51 AM 1
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