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i can finally go live !! too sad that i am going to sleep now. i will probably go live in the weekend !


is typing... • fc; 7.830 {date: january 20, 2017} ~ leave me lonely - ariana grande - i'm so in love with ed sheeran's new songs. i can replay those songs more than 100 times. anyways i'm sick, and i am now home. the other from my class is still in school. HAHA! oml i don't know my i'm laughing of that, cos it's so sad for them. omg. when i came home, then i went straight to my parents bedroom, and then my cat came and she thought that it was a good idea to sleep on me. she is still on me. jeeeesusss. qotd - favourite song? aotd - mercy, all time low, shape of you, castle on the hill and all ariana's songs. [ comment "⭐️" to get tagged in next pic ]


is typing... fc; 7.739 {date: january 16, 2017} - yesterday was pretty sad for me. not so sad that i cried for hours, but i just felt a little alone and i felt that something was missing. well there was (there still is). yesterday me and my mom went to a pretty big danish city called esbjerg. we had to deliver my cat to a young lady that have 3 male cats and around 3 female cats. and then a lot of kitties (they were so adorable like oml). but because my cat got on heat, then she (my cat) had to have a lil "fun" with one of the male cats. hopefully my cat will get pregnant. we are going to get her on wednesday. i'm just a little unsure if my cat allows the male cat to "get on her", because my cat is like a diva. a bad diva. so yeah. qotd - are you excited for my next theme? aotd - oh hell yeah!!! [ comment a "" to get tagged in next pic ]

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is typing... •fc; 7.672 {date: january 13, 2017} ~ not a song, just something @christian used to say ! - i know that this ain't troye, and i know that this edit sucks a lot. but i made this edit to @christian to say thank you. thank you for making me happy, thank you for making me laugh&smile. thank you christian, thank you so much. for many years have i tried to get help. to be happy, and see the bright side of life. so many people said so many different things to me. tried to make me happy. i'm glad with that. but i was just still unhappy. i couldn't find myself anymore. i didn't knew who i was. ofc i knew that i was a girl from denmark and my name is lea. after some years, i gave up. i know the quote "never give up", but i was literally tired of getting help and then nothing happened. i tried by myself to get happy, but i just couldn't get happy. idk why .. so for some month ago, i watched your video "MOST EPIC DANCE BATTLE EVER!!". that was your first video, that i saw. i laughed my ass of. i couldn't breath. and when you tried to dab with that big thing on. oml it was such of a funny video. you made me laugh so hard!¡!¡ i know that you will never notice this post. but idc, i just wanted to say thank you so much !! qotd - tag him please? aotd - @christian [ comment "" to get tagged in next post ]


is typing... •fc; 7.563 {date: january 9, 2017} - - ugh. i'm still not fucking ready for school. but today have actually been very good. my danish teacher took me outside of the classroom (i thought that i did something wrong, but i didn't), she said that my parents was not feeling very well, with my grades that i got. (i am neither), so she wanted me to study a lot a whole week and then the next week will me and my teacher find out what i have to do in that next. and yeah. so finally can i study my ass of, get that good grades and then change school. anyways, i got a new phone case. it's gold. whoop, whoop. qotd - apple vs android? aotd - apple [ comment "" to get tagged in my next post ]


is typing .. • fc; 7.474 {date: January 6, 2017} ~ touch it - ariana grande. - hi luvs here's the edit that i promised for today. hope you like it. anyways. later today will i go to ice hockey with my best friend and my parents. but my mom work down in the VIP area. i've tried to be down there some few times, and helped my mom some times. but it's finally weekend! yayayayayayyayaya !! qotd - what time is it for you? aotd - 3.43 pm [ comment "" to get tagged in next pic ]


is typing ... • fc; 7.426 {date: 3 January, 2017} - - hai baby's. how are you today? i'm fine. anyways. this morning was awful like sheit. i woke up, that was normal. i packed my school back, normal too, i got ready for my "first day in school, aka hell, after holiday", normal too. so i walked to my old school, cos i have to go with a bus, to my new school. that's normal too. but when i came there, then none of those who i am taking the bus with were there. so i was a liiiiiil confusing. but i just said to myself that they will come. the clock got 7.19, and the bus should come. but it didn't, i got more confused. those who i should take the bus with, were still not there. anyways, i called my mom and told her that, she said that i had to take another bus. so when the clock got 9.05 i was going to the bus station, to go with another bus. i got to my school 10 minutes later. when i was walking in the school yard, there were literally no one, i looked up to the class rooms, it looked dead. i headed to the door, and it was locked. so with the rest of the doors. i called my mom, once again. and she laughed. then we found out that today wasn't a school day. school starts tomorrow omg. i was so damn stupid. qotd - when do your school start? aotd - tomorrow. [ comment "" to get tagged in next pic ]


is typing ... • fc; 7.355. {date: January 2, 2017} ~ strange - LP. - hii luvs here is my new theme. it's beige/caramel, or something. haha. anyways, my school starts tomorrow, and i'm not freaking ready yet. i have to get my fingers out of my ass and get my grades good. cos if i wanna change school, then my grades have to be better. ughhhhh. so annoying. but anyways. this is an edit for troye. i won't put ariana into this theme. cos last theme weren't troye in. so this is an theme for troye ma boooi qotd - Nike vs adidas? aotd - Nike ftw - [ comment "" to get tagged in next post ]h

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•reposted ! - well, my theme looked amazing after my plan, but then something happen, so my plan didn't worked anymore. i just deleted some few pics from my old theme, cos maybe it worked? nope. it didn't. so i had to delete 1 pic from this christmas theme, so it looked okay. so this will be my theme divider now. yikes.. but yeah! gonna post my new theme tomorrow (:


// happy new year !! - - it's probably not new year for many of you. but for me is it the 31 December, soon 5.30. in some few hours can i/we see many fireworks in the air. and its very soon january 1. qotd - what are you excited for in 2017? aotd - dw tour


// 3 days till new year !! - - that's not a christmas lyric ^ i'm just too lazy to find a lyric. hehe. typical me. anyways, i found some new jeans today. and i got a bath. yay. now am i just watching the walking dead and after that am i going for a walk with my cousin and her dog. qotd - do you have a pet? aotd - yes, a cat.


// too lazy for a lyric - - today i went to my cousins house. and + i went to the town and looked for some new pants, cos i need some new, but i couldn't find some :( too sad. gonna try again tomorrow. qotd - what colour is your phone? aotd - silver // white.


// feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad - - i'm not spanish just because i took a spanish lyric :D i'm a daner !! 2017 is coming closer and closer to us. i can't believe it. so i'm going to my cousins house tomorrow ( Tuesday morning ), and i'm gonna stay there till Thursday. so yas. qotd - say in your language " i love farting " aotd - jeg elsker at prutte / danish

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// driving home from christmas - - it's now the 25th, and christmas is now over. in 7 days is it new year, can you believe that 2017 is soon here? i can't. 2017 is gonna be a good year! i'm gonna see ariana. i'm so excited! anyways, me and my family is super tired from yesterday. so idk, we will probably just sleep and rest the whole day. just relax. i need to sleep. i will probably post a lot of gaintricks this day, and maybe tomorrow. qotd - what did you get for Christmas? aotd - so much.


// we're gonna have a party tonight. - - it was actually supposed to that i should have posted a christmas video edit, something. but it got too late and i had to post something, like rn. so i just made a quick and a simple edit. anyways, tonight is it christmas. well, not for many of you. but here in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December. we open our presents and eat delicious food tonight. but many of you open your present the 25th in the morning. i wanna celebrate Christmas like that . merry christmas everyone !! qotd - how do you celebrate Christmas? and when? aotd - just told you ️


// wit it this Christmas - - its my moms bday today! my lovely mom. hehe. anyways. it's christmas tomorrow. i'm so excited, who isn't? hehehe qotd - tell us a fact about you aotd - i'm vegetarian


// don't make me fall in love again, if he won't be here next year - - i'm so so so so sorry that i didn't posted today. idk why i didn't, cos i have been active today, but i just didn't post a christmas post. forgive me please, lol. qotd - hit paste in comment, and let's see what you have copied last time aotd - omg @thatbocalove is giving out 237k shoutouts #gainpost #gaintrick #gainparty ... okay, this is embarrassing

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// do they know it's Christmas? - - i woke up so damn late today. aha, it was 11.30 am when i woke up. and i only thought that it was around 10 am or something. but anyways, i have been cleaning up the house a lil bit, so now my mom can't say that i haven't done anything today. but now am i just relaxing with the walking dead. aha. qotd - are you excited for Christmas? aotd - yassss


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