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— 03.25.17 — hi, how are you? i'm feeling better, i'm not so sick anymore. so that's good. anyways, ehhh.. i don't know what to say. ehehehehehehe... i'm making some of my edits for my next theme. qotd ;; do you smoke? aotd ;; no, and i will never do it! [ comment "️" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/25/2017 2:12:42 PM 26

— 03.23.17 — hi, how are you? i'm not doing well. i just got sick....again. i can't go 1 month without being sick ... it's super annoying. but oh whale. i pray so much for the London babes. hope you are alright. (((: qotd ;; where do you live? aotd ;; denmark, sadly [ comment "✨" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/23/2017 7:24:26 PM 18

— 03.21.17 — hii. how are you? today have been very chilling. except for that i had to think about something that have bothered me for a while. and i was a little bit close to go from happiness to sadness....again. but i can't see myself being sad. because it always ends up with that i'm happy and hype. so yeh.. but i got an extra math lesson. because i'm not that good to math. so i have to train.. qotd ;; favourite quote(s) aotd ;; idk yet. [ comment "" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/21/2017 6:18:00 PM 13
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— 03.19.17 — heya guys. how are you? i'm doing okay. anyways, my friend just left my house. so yeah. but for some days ago i went to the cinema with my mom and we saw beauty and the beast. the movie was so magical. but before the cinema me, my mom, dad and my grandma went to a restaurant and ate (obviously), and i gave my mom and dad a gift. they got so happy. i love to see my mom and dad happy!! qotd ;; what's your name? aotd ;; lea (: [ comment "" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/19/2017 3:52:05 PM 15

— 03.18.17 — HIIII! so this is my new theme. it's pretty dark. sorry. i wrote on the pictures so it ain't a boring theme. but i am not going to post a random picture from whi. it's only pictures of Ariana and Troye. Hehe. Anyways, my best friend is coming over soon, so i won't be active today :( sorry!! qotd ;; tag ur besties aotd ;; @heryouth @oli.vea & @opheliasluhv [ comment "🦋" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/18/2017 3:03:40 PM 14

— hello again.. how are you? i'm fine. today have been very chilling, like yesterday. i was at another school (with some others from 8 grade). the school is called EUC south. that school is for people who wants to be a timber or so on. i can already feel that i don't wanna be a timber, lmao. idk where i'm going tomorrow tho.. — Adele or Beyoncé [ comment "⏰" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/14/2017 3:35:58 PM 19
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— hello again.. so i made this video to say thank you for raising me to 9k followers. i can't thank you guys enough. you have always been there for me. always. yes, you have been very inactive some times. but idc! i love you guys so much, i can't even describe how much i do. we are only 1k away from my goal: 10K! 10k have always been my goal, since the start. since i made @/arisbucalove. but it got hacked :((. when @/arisbucalove got hacked i gave it some tries again. to make another fanpage. but they all got hacked. so i said to myself: "make another one, if that one is getting hacked too, then do NOT make another fanpage", so i made this one and i have been scared since the start to get hacked. i'm still scared.. but not so much anymore, as i was in the start. i'm gonna end this caption now, with a qotd. — what's your life goal?

3/13/2017 4:55:31 PM 5

— hello again.. so i deleted the video, which was made to my queen: @opheliasluhv because it's her bday today (wish her a happy bday, thank you). buuuuut the video ruined my entire theme (because of the frame). so yeah. but @opheliasluhv i just wanna say happy birthday. i love you so freaking much. — dogs vs cats? [ comment "" or "emoji" to get tagged next ]

3/12/2017 3:19:15 PM 9

— hello again.. how are you? idk how i am. so..i'm still not over for what happened with that message. i know it was all a mistake, but it still ruined my whole day. but i was nearly over it today. i didn't think about it. so we had the subject 'gym' as the last subject in school (today). so before gym started, we all just ran around. so i saw my friends play handball, and of course i wanted to play with those losers (jk, i love them). i ran to them, and they said yes to that i could play with them. i got the ball, but before i throw the ball, my friend (let's call him Michael) came and took the ball and throw it to the goal. the goalkeeper took the ball and i think it was meant to that he wanted to throw it back to us. but then it said "BAM!!" and I got hit by the ball. it was not a little puff. it was like a "SLAM MOTHERF*CKER" it still hurts :(( rip 2001-2017 — do you watch anime? [ comment "" or *emoji* to get tagged next ]

3/9/2017 6:14:48 PM 16

— hello again.. how are? i'm doing greattttt. so you know what i said on my recent. about the message, and i got it from my very best friend. well, she said to me that it was her friend. yikes. and the message was from her friend. so i'm apologising so many times. it was a huge mistake. but thank you so much for the support. even if it was my friend, i know that you guys can tear me up! xoxo. i really have the most incredible followers in the world! - fc? [ comment "" to get tagged in next pic ]

3/8/2017 7:18:42 PM 7

— hello again.. how are you? i'm not doing great. not anymore... i thought that it was done with this sadness crap. but no. i'm basically just gonna tell you the whole story: well, yesterday i went to sleep at 10 pm, but at 11 pm or around, did i text my friend (let's call her Mandy), and said "i can't fall asleep ..." then some minutes later i texted her again and said "well, i'm just gonna try to sleep" then i said goodnight and felt asleep like 10 minutes later. so this morning i woke up, i checked my snaps and saw she replied. so because she's the first i always reply to, i opened her snap and it said "nobody cares if you can't fall asleep" and that sentence ruined my whole day. i'm now on my way home from school. and i'm still sad. - summer or winter? [ comment "" to get tagged in next ]

3/7/2017 4:04:44 PM 19

— 03.05.17 — this is my last video for this theme. it was super funny to make something else than just pictures. hahaha. this video is basically like a "final video" where i found some videos of ariana and troye. i think there is a little bit too much of ariana. sorry!! but i will post more troye pics in my next theme then. I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!! so when one direction went on that break, then me and one of my friends made a group (on ig), on that group we send videos of 1D, till they start again. so yesterday my friend send a video to the group and then @liampayne noticed it!! LIAM PAYNE SAW OUR GROUP! (We added all of the boys to the group!) - I still can't believe it that it happened. that was our goal q; who's your idol(s)? a; ariana, troye, one direction, ed sheeran, the weeknd, wiz khalifa and i started listening too Bruno Mars ((:

3/5/2017 1:40:35 PM 4

— 03.04.17 — i know that this "JUST WAIT TILL I GROW UP" FREAKING sheit is dead... but i had no other ideas o-o.. sossososo i'm going to another city todayyy, lets call the city H, because the first letter of the city's name is H, so yep.. have a good life q; favourite song(s) atm a; That's What I Like - Bruno Mars & Finesse - Bruno Mars & Suburbia - Troye Sivan

3/4/2017 1:24:29 PM 5

— 03.02.17 — you probably thought that this video would be of ariana. but remember the selfie ariana and troye took? i posted it on my account and said that this account is to ariana and troye. so this new row, will be videos of troye. deal with it. i love that him too! anyways, i stayed home from school today, my mom said that i was allowed q; favourite book? a; Anna and the french kiss + Lola and the boy next door

3/2/2017 5:57:02 PM 8

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