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So after 4days of rehab only, I was finally able to hit up a little light intro leg sess ✊ . This morning (around my hectic client schedule) included rehab, myofacial release & infrared sauna.... before being able to do the following lower body sess: . 5 x 20 Leg Press (increasing loads until last 3 sets include pauses to finish) 4 x 15 ea/leg alternating DB front lunges 4 x 40/30/20/10 barbell walking lunges (increasing loads) 4 x 20 leg extensions working all angles 4 x 20 wide stance duck presses . Now I will trigger, roll & die before my evening clients . .

23.2.2017 09:42:01 6
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Practise makes perfect . . My best advice when it comes to creating your posing routine is - Start EARLY & just have FUN!!. . Put your jam on, channel your alter ego, create some flow & simply work as many angles as possible. Video yourself so you can assess what looks best! . As your body evolves, so too will your stage flow.... as your peak emerges so too will your finishing touches to really heighten your strengths . @wbff_aus @wbff_official @ari_empire @allisondillet @toby.harrison

21.2.2017 05:11:45 23

Quick ab check for sanity 🤔. . Last night I sneezed & popped my disc again legit.... that's the downfall of a major injury... you will forever have weaknesses that must be managed . . My Monday looked a little different to usual, with 3hrs of treatment - adjustment, myofacial release, acupuncture & electrotherapy . Forced rest for a day & super focused on my nutrition whilst not lifting, so I keep on track to stage . . .

20.2.2017 09:00:43 17

I do not judge people by the scriptures of their faith or the scars of their past, I embrace them by the content in their hearts ❤️ . At the end of the day, you will never remember a beautiful face, but you will be unable to forget a beautiful heart . Leave people better than when you found them. Always.

19.2.2017 18:55:21 7

Abs ✅ Delts ✅ Booty ✅ . In need of a Nanna Nap after a fasted F45 sess, team posing, 18 hole putt putt & then a refeed at Zues ✅ . Feeling so good & starting to see my body changing now it's that fun stage where every other day there is progress starting to show . Excited to see the coming 8wks unfold & what I will bring to stage this time

18.2.2017 12:44:34 5

Yepppp my girl @marymolloyy killed us all this morning in a fasted F45 Hollywood sess . Such a great start to our @allysangels_fitness team day! Now it's time for Putt Putt ⭐️ . .

18.2.2017 06:37:46 3

Because sometimes you just have to blow your own damn mind . Working hard everyday to be better than the girl I was yesterday, as I prep towards my next @wbff_official stage, in my favourite place - LA ❤️ . Looking forward to an incredibly high calibre show, with some of the most amazing physiques & several World 'top 10' ranked athletes, is set to make this THE ProAm of the season.... I am excited to be stepping onto my most competitive stage so far, representing my @wbff_aust family, my partner & loved ones & my amazing team of @allysangels_fitness . The best is yet to come! . . @wbff_official @wbff_aust @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @pauline_wbffaustralia

17.2.2017 17:52:39 14
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Look like a girl Act like a lady Think like a man Work like a boss . . . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allysangels_fitness @dallasolsen68 @lindyolsen @oxygenmagau

17.2.2017 05:38:23 36

Yessssss abs are coming back to say hello 🤓 must of been that tennis huh @xkyrgios 🤔❤️

16.2.2017 05:29:49 14

You earn your body . No one else can hand it to you, no one else can lift it for you & no one else can control your fork . It's all up to YOU! How bad do you really want it? And are you willing to earn it

15.2.2017 13:37:02 14

Hahaha my first ever attempt at tennis . Gotta love my running commentary of self assessment tho . What a patient coach I have @xkyrgios ❤️

14.2.2017 06:01:28 21

My idea of romance..... working on my V on Valentine's Day ❤️ . Mmm... but seriously, what better 'Love Day' then one spent active in a Spa Resort in a coastal town . Bikes rides along the beach Back day Tennis lesson for me Yoga later . Who wouldn't wanna date me! Haha he's a lucky man

14.2.2017 03:18:20 19

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not into gimmicks or crap that just doesn't work . I've owned my Hypoxi studio for what will be 9years this year & this little secret weapon of mine has always played a part in my shred phase to stage . 3 x 30mins a week for my LISS & it seriously turns the heat up on my fat burning . For anyone wanting to see what it's all about - DM me to find out about our 60% off challenge with GUARANTEED results! See why it's the fat loss choice of this particular Pro for yourself . . .

13.2.2017 05:02:41 19

Monday Metcon . 4 x rounds (30secs each): Prowler Sprints Battle ropes Box jumps . 6 x watt bike sprints . Then finish off with 30mins in my Hypoxi . #68daysout @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @pauldillett

13.2.2017 00:07:28 21

I missed the flex off cue with these beautiful @wbff_aust babes this arvo . Yet another amazing @wbff_official Workshop with 20 more phenomenal aspiring WBFF athletes it's a genuine passion of mine, to promote this amazing family that we are apart of, & educate everyone as to why they deserve to be with the BEST! . Super excited for the next GC show on May the 6th at the Jupiters Casino save the date & make sure you get online to purchase your tickets as soon as you can for what will be the show of the season

11.2.2017 08:38:29 21

Current situation . Total WIP! But at 70 days out from the @wbff_official LA ProAm at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Beverley Hills, I am stepping it up & working hard to bring my BEST package to my fav stage . Every single season is an opportunity to improve on the last & this one is no different to any prior. I'm working on greater overall conditioning, whilst maintaining size & fullness, with more sculpted glutes & hammys! . What's your development zone?

11.2.2017 01:49:53 30

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