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I'm faded once again, I don’t know where I am But I just know I'm driftin' far from you I'm tryna keep my head strong, but my heart won't Just let me grow away from you Don't you know we're driftin' off, driftin' off? . #obsessed #g-eazy #chrisbrown #tunes

3/29/2017 4:02:57 PM 0

You can not swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore . Always say YES to new adventures . @wbff_official @wbff_aust @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @donaire_photography

3/29/2017 12:54:03 AM 30

There is no coincidence that our greatest successes come with times where we have felt most supported . Never underestimate the power of words or the impact of love ❤️ the presence or absence of either, from others & yourself, can directly impact your outcomes.... . So think before you speak & love yourself when others don't.... always do what is right, never what is easy and be kind to yourself in moments where you fail. . .

3/28/2017 1:17:10 PM 15
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Comparison with yourself brings improvement, comparison with others brings discontent . Focus on your own game... always .

3/28/2017 12:19:56 AM 22

Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart. Be your own kind of beautiful ❤️ . Photo credit: @donaire_photogrpahy Hair: @fluidcolor MUA: @zaliquemakeup . . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @wbff_officialbanners @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @paul_dillett @donaire_photography

3/27/2017 12:28:46 PM 21

A little post superset burner of KB deads & squats . Legs swole as hell but some cuts still visible.... happy #roadtola . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @pauline_wbffaustralia

3/26/2017 10:38:48 AM 16

My latest blog in my @bulknutrients "Road to LA" series is now live . Week 5 is all about my secret stacks & nutrition, so head over to for the latest in my @wbff_official prep journey . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire

3/25/2017 11:45:03 AM 4

Regardless of the situation, always act with class Dress how you wish to be ADDRESSED . Photocredit: @donaire_photography. . MUA: @zaliquemakeup. . Hair: @fluidcolor. . Tan: @fitnesstan. . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire

3/25/2017 12:14:54 AM 25

Current condition . Low carb day x 2 in a row so I'm sitting a little flat, but feeling good nonetheless . . Still room for improvement over the coming 29days, & I intend to give the remainder of this prep all I've got . @wbff_official @wbff_aust @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire

3/24/2017 10:19:24 AM 58
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Warming up with @donaire_photography today for our first shoot of this season . Have to say.... I'm a little excited to see the final images . @wbff_official @wbff_aust @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @fitnesstan

3/24/2017 7:05:58 AM 9

The key is Not to be free But to feel free. Not to be strong But to feel strong. Not to be beautiful But to feel beautiful. And not to be alive But to feel as if You are truly living! ~ r.m.drake . @dallasolsen68 @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire

3/23/2017 1:34:20 PM 14

1 universe 9 planets 204 countries 809 islands 7 seas . And I had the pleasure of meeting you! @jenniferneilwbffpro ❤️ . The @wbff_official is exceptional at providing opportunities to connect & meet like minded fitness focused souls across the globe . . Can't wait to share that LA stage with you in a few short weeks my beautiful diva sister .

3/23/2017 12:11:24 AM 12

Looking forward to beating this hump day pic in just 32 days time .

3/22/2017 10:32:15 AM 14

"I've made an impression on every heart I've touched.... if they have let me in, nothing will get me completely out... my love can't be erased" ~ Rob Hill . When you give a real part of you, that truth lasts forever . #truth #life #authentic .

3/21/2017 3:13:34 PM 15

Beyond excited to see my sister @halimahkyrgios in a few weeks time ❤️ . Pretty sure I've waited years for her to come to a show & I know she won't be disappointed with the lineup set to take to the @wbff_official LA ProAm stage on the 22nd April at the Ebell Theatre ✨ . This stunner is my kindred spirit one day.... I'll have her on the @wbff_aus stage 🤗 .

3/21/2017 12:04:34 AM 8

If there is one thing that is guaranteed with @wbff_aust & @wbff_official athletes.... they are ALWAYS bootyful ❤️. . Can't wait to see these beauties shine on stage come May 9th at Jupiters Casino on the sunny ️ Gold Coast ✨ . Will you be competing? WBFF.... because you deserve the best .

3/20/2017 12:41:57 AM 22

Those who become empowered in each other's presence are kindred spirits ✨ . Blessed to have spent quality time with a soul so similar to my own @lucindakeily_wbffpro this weekend! ❤️ . Pretty excited for all the plans afoot with this beauty . @wbff_aust @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @ari_empire @pauline_wbffaustralia

3/19/2017 10:05:00 AM 4

Squad . FitEx + @bulknutrients crew = Flex off . No booth needed for me & my Bulk boys to show the results of years using Australia's best products . @bulknutrients @wbff_aust @samgrachan_wbffpro @brodiewest @wbff_official

3/19/2017 3:52:19 AM 2

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