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This is exactly why she is the enemy of education. She knows nothing about IDEA!! 😑 She does not think that ALL schools (private k12, public, or public charter) who receive federal funding should have to follow federal law for kids with disabilities! Every child deserves a quality education!! She cannot be Education Secretary!!! 😑😑😑

6:45am 01/18/2017 0

I woke today feeling inadequate and I'm having a hard time snapping out of it. Some days are just hard, but I pray that God continues to use me to affirm others. Despite my melancholy, please God, allow me to touch the hearts and minds of the people all around me. πŸ‘πŸΎ

3:58pm 01/17/2017 0

He loves her like she is the best thing on Earth! It's a beautiful thing and amazing to see. 😊

6:59am 01/17/2017 0
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How can you honor a King without recognizing his Queen? It is rare to see Dr. King at a demonstration or marching without Coretta right by his side in passionate partnership. She recognized and respected his purpose and she never stopped fighting with him or for him. Even in times of tribulation, she never publicly condemned or demoralized him. She loved him. She spoke to the King in him. She was his rib and an amazing woman. ❀️ #BlackLove  #BlackLoveMatters  #CorettaScottKing  #RevDrMartinLutherKingJr 

6:40am 01/17/2017 2

Jesus fix it because my toolbox is not going to fix anything. The picture on the front of my toolbox VS. what I'm working with right now. #wheredideverythinggo  πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜

1:58am 01/17/2017 0
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