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HER STORY ON CHEATING How many times is too many times to cheat? One and done? Have y'all ever stayed with a repeat offender?

18.2.2017 01:50:36 0

This the footage of #plies getting arrested for a dui last month that made him realize he should stop drinking ... or so he says

16.2.2017 02:46:49 0
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She Tellin That You Liked Gettin Your Ass Ate Out With Chocolate Syrup

13.1.2017 14:16:27 0

Make Sure You Get Those Rainbow Dresses You Wanted So Bad

13.1.2017 14:03:38 0
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Dontttrr provoke me to anger lmaoooooooooooo

13.1.2017 13:59:46 1

Icewater Sparrow

12.1.2017 16:13:18 0

Ok now I'm hungry #lol sprinkling that salt like fairy dust #LitFlair

10.1.2017 19:59:35 0

Smh...Young & Dumb And I bet her "friends" back in Alabama are talking about her ass too!!!

25.12.2016 19:09:01 0

Wayans comments on why he didn't get the role "I was cast, I was paid and everything," he explained. "I still get residual checks." Wayans doesn't hold any grudges though. In fact, he expressed his own theory on why O'Donnell eventually won the part. "I get why they picked Chris O' Donnell, because it would be messed up to have Batman and you've got Robin, and his bulge is somewhat bigger than Batman's," he said. "Batman would have a serious problem with that." #17thsoulja #BlackIG17th #blackrobinsmatter If you don't believe it look it up Yourself In the early ‘90s, long before Ben Affleck took up the mantle of the Dark Knight, the people behind the Batman franchise had quite a few brainstorms. For example: Imagine Marlon Wayans playing Robin to Michael Keaton’s Batman in 1992’s “Batman Returns.’’ The “Scary Movie’’ actor was quite close to suiting up, but the people behind the superhero flick opted to wait until 1995’s “Batman Forever’’ to introduce the Boy Wonder. And the role eventually slipped through Wayans’s fingers after director Tim Burton’s departure prompted a complete overhaul for the franchise. Losing the part to Chris O’Donnell may have been a hard pill to swallow, but there’s a silver lining for the comedian—he still gets paid residuals, despite never having filmed a single scene. - #

20.12.2016 18:28:17 1

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