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I don't know how to act my age, I've never been this age before...

12.2.2017 17:38:59 15
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Kenalan sama adik baru, cuman beda 1 angkatan aja kok

2.2.2017 17:10:17 3

Sometimes you need a mask to be used. Either to cover your happiness, angry, sadness, or whatever your feeling... dont let anyone notice ;)

1.2.2017 13:27:22 0

Quotes "whats goes arround comes arround" paling cepet berbuah tapi paling kurang peka untuk disadari dan diterima. Well, this the hardest decision to take is are you still want keep trying or walk away??

29.1.2017 03:41:33 3
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Every exit is an Entrance to somewhere else - Rebecca Puig

13.1.2017 14:50:51 8

I'm not sure yet, is my door still there ? If yes, please show me the way .. If not, please remind me .. Good morning, have a nice day :)

11.1.2017 02:37:09 8

Move on beb!! Please just do what makes you happy, not otherss.. Fighting Me vs Sumo

10.1.2017 14:45:40 10

One silly thing give me a huge smileee.. Happy weekendd

7.1.2017 13:09:21 2

Jangan panik mari piknik.. Nda terasa liburan akhir taun uda kelar.. uda hari ke-5 ajaa.. Apakah hari anda cukup produkti sampai hari ke-5 ini?? Jawabnya sambil liat cermin yaaa.. hahaha #lemparkebelakang saat masi liburan di @thesanctoovilla ..

5.1.2017 16:27:52 5

Iseng iseng banyak kerjaaan ... cekidot

5.1.2017 16:24:01 0

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