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My baby sister loves me even though I cannot tolerate her sometimes. That unconditional love is much appreciated and needed sometimes.

26.2.2017 09:34:08 0

I got braces like 5 months ago and I want them off asap. It's fucking up my relationship with food and that's like the only relationship I have in life. Hopefully these shits come out right bc I'm not risking this relationship for nothing.

25.2.2017 03:00:22 6

My man crush everyday. Like he tops Drake... and no one tops Drake... I've gone even more bonkers for James since Views From The Six has died down (fave song is Redemption... where's More Life?).

24.2.2017 11:49:40 1
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I know my feed should represent real life lyssa but a part of me is confident enough to do at home photoshoots. I never leave the house like this. Maybe one day this will be my reality but it's not. I think I did a good job of living my fantasy through photoshoots though.

23.2.2017 07:29:57 0

Just refer to the scene in white chicks where he can't get the hair out his face and that was me... also my umbrella busted and cut my hand today at school. Story of my life.

21.2.2017 10:16:23 0

I'm sorry but I find myself hilarious. The first video would be the only thing I would post for my old feed bc I wanted to let everyone know I could be cute... True gag is that I cry over my betta getting hurt bc I took him out bc I thought he was choking bc I didn't cut his food bc I wanted to see if he grew. Yeah you can say I can do both pretty well.

20.2.2017 07:10:27 1

I don't know how to act like an adult bc I feel like this happened yesterday. Time goes by so fast and I'm sorry if I can't keep up world. I will continue taking life at my own pace bc it's too stressful to try to be as experienced as everyone else. Hi, I'm Alyssa and I am queen of Never-Have-I-Ever.

19.2.2017 13:34:27 0

Sorry. I've been stuck at home (which is not a bad thing) doing homework and the only thing I can muster up to build my feed with are selfies. How rare of an activity.

18.2.2017 04:45:38 1

Okay I love my maltipoo Bella to death... (....when that death happens.... I want to finally get a pitbull...) But oh my gosh she's turning 5 soon!!! She's the sweetest and easiest dog I could ask for. Even though I forget to feed her or pet her she still fucks with me. That's real love.

17.2.2017 04:22:06 3
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Take me back to the seventh row of heaven with Drake just right there behind/in front/on top of me. Shit was lit.

14.2.2017 09:19:48 1

I get cute in an old lady night gown...

12.2.2017 04:22:38 0

This is the centerpiece of my room. My turtle Rocky, 3 goldfish, 2 Chinese Algae Eaters, a guppy, and my fancy goldfish named Nugget. They make me very happy and they're what keeps me going! Aquariums are essential to being cool...

11.2.2017 09:18:21 1

My baby sister who posed in this picture with my drunk cousin is the cutest thing ever. The coolest 3 year old I know.

9.2.2017 06:16:34 0

Contemplating life as I eat a mango lollipop. Hilarious.

7.2.2017 08:00:34 0

Sorry I told myself that my feed should be representative of the most accurate version of Alyssa... but this has to be stored somewhere.

5.2.2017 08:37:23 1

This is me when professors have more than one required textbook. They are definitely trying it. (I was just the cutest lil brown thing ever right)

2.2.2017 06:06:16 0

I had bunny fever over a year ago but knew that I would not be able to care for it properly... I ended up getting a turtle instead (they're not any easier to care for, I can't even lift a tank by myself). Her name's Rocky and she still hates me after a year and a half. I still love her though. And although Rocky wasn't planned, she's still in my plans for the next few decades.

29.1.2017 09:54:49 0

When they ask my how life is going, this is the picture use to answer with. These are my legs, which found themselves in the most unnatural position. Basically I tried to accommodate my knock knees by twisting my legs. It didn't work, just like how crashing 4 classes isn't working so far.

24.1.2017 23:45:10 0

I burned myself with hot glue gun glue, so now I'm getting it checked out at my school's urgent care. They provide some comfy shorts and the doctor is so friendly and funny. Also I found it hilarious how many girls were getting their shit together with birth control and I'm just over here due to my scrapbooking/journaling incident.

23.1.2017 21:18:34 2

We live an hour and a half apart and made it a first priority to see #split on premiere day (This has been planned since the day the trailer was released). The movie was too brilliantly complex for words and @jamesmcavoyrealdeal did the most magical thing ever (how is it even summed up to be called "acting"?). In today's most simplest phrase of saying how amazed I am: I'M SHOOK. @awh.drey

21.1.2017 13:27:43 0

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