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@shanedawson was kicked out of @tomilahren party because he was holding his boyfriend hand (@rylandadams), this is disgusting, nobody deserves to be treated this way, oh & they broke his leg ( security ) #lovewins #istandwithshanedawson #equality #istandwithshaneandryland [these tweets have been deleted]


I STAN LEGENDS! Boy, girl, dog,cat, we are all equal! Boys should be allowed to cry & not be Called gay, they should be able to show their feeling, the should be able to wear whatever tf they want without someone saying that what they wear is what gender they are sexually attracted too! Boys shouldn't be told they have to have big muscles to be "hot". Girls should be able to be strong & powerful without someone calling them a lesbian, girls should be able to wear what they want without being sexualize! Girls shouldn't have to have a big butt & boobs to be "hot"! Girls shouldn't have to play dumb to be considered "cute", nobody should be dis-credit for their hard work because of their gender! People should be able to love whoever they want! Men with men, women with women, men with women! I don't care what your bible says, im sure god would rather us love each other, then kill each other & judge each other for who we love! Men shouldn't have to be the one that works, women shouldn't have to be the one that takes care of the house, men should be able to clean, cook, take care oh the kids without being called gay! Women should be able to work & study hard & standing up for what she loves without being called a crazy feminist or cat lady! She shouldn't be told her "man ain't taking care of her" no she should be able to make her own money if she wants!. If a women doesn't want to have a baby she doesn't need too, yes it's heart breaking but would you want that baby born into a crazy home? Where the mother can't take care of her child? Where the father is abuses, Vice versa.? Would you rather the child be born to a family that won't show it love? Were the children starve? Were the child cry's themselves to sleep every night? Were the child is sent from home to home, not knowing if anyone loves them? Our world already has so many child without parents, if the doctor & women agree to not let that child suffer then that's them making that 'sin', so why does it bother you? It's her body, she can do what she pleases with it. My brother & sister shouldn't be judged on their skin! Since when does out skin determined who we are? Why do we judge people coming from poor-


@Madisonbeer trying to keep relevant by commenting on @sliiimthugga (someone who just become a huge meme)

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This sucks I know but does anyone know where on instgram I can find a longer version of camilas part? So I can remake this but anyways do you like camila or laurens singing better? ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ //#louis Tomlinson #louis #tomlinson #arianagrande #demilovato #adele #onedirection #justinbieber #slutenators #jelena #jelena isdead #taylorswift #harrystyles #fifthharmony #selenagomez #Sia #grammys #carlyrose #camila #samsmith #lauren #thegrammys #zaynmailk #kylie #zayn #kylie jenner #jenner #kendalljenner #5H #fifthharmony


This is for people who still think elvis is a racist, Elvis loved black culture, he gave the people who inspired him credit, James Brown said that elvis was his Soul brother, do you think that if elvis was a racist a black man would say that? Elvis had many black Friends, he grow up poor dispite being white so he grow up around alot of black people, his mother would go down to the church that would play gospel music, that's were elvis found the love for gospel music, that saying you hear people say when they try to say he was racist "the only thing negros can do good is shine my shoe's" something like that, it's been proven that saying was made up by people who didn't want black people liking him, whites made up this stuff for because they didn't like that he was getting along with black people & had black Friends/fans and having his white fans getting along with black fans, I'll put up a link to a site that's explains it better then I can.

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So M.A really busy she said for me to let one of are other friends Co-own, but she'll still come on once & awhile, so everyone say hi to G.H she owns @photoshop.god_ & we both decided that why are gonna be a photoshop page & her old main account gonna be the backup, why aren't photoshopping people because they are "ugly" we are just doing it for fun. /// TAG MADISON ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ //#louis Tomlinson #louis #tomlinson #arianagrande #demilovato #adele #onedirection #justinbieber #slutenators #jelena #jelena isdead #taylorswift #harrystyles #fifthharmony #selenagomez #Sia #grammys #carlyrose #camila #samsmith #lauren #thegrammys #zaynmailk #kylie #zayn #kylie jenner #jenner #kendall jenner #kendall #jenner

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Lmfao, but anyways i want a Range but like which one is really worth the money? Range rovers? Or land rover range? Or like what else is a good car? -C.M


That many people have seen my post but didn't like... what am I doing wrong, most of my followers are inactive, like wtf.

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