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Alrighty the Universe must be trying to make me smile today, which is OKAY!!! To be honest, today is a funky day, it's the anniversary of my engagement in 2013. I try to avoid Timehop and Facebook because as much of a hard headed "Single Independent Widow" as I feel I am now and try to move forward I still do get upset. Since my last post I had another sale, woohoo! I also received this email from a buyer. This is a cashmere sweater she bought but while shipping it I noticed a small hole in the sleeve ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I contacted her, refunded her $ in full, mailed it to her and asked her to pay it forward if she was unable to make use of it. Needless to say she made my heart smile. Moral of the story: What goes around always comes around, usually when you least expect it. โค๏ธ And it's a bad day, not a bad life. #randomactsofkindnesseverywhere  #RAKE  #payitforward  #reseller  #thrifter  #lifeofayoungwidow 

2:22am 01/12/2017 4

I'm such a small fish compared to most of you (though I shall listen to @laurenthrifts and will not compare myself to others) as we all start somewhere. I totally fell off track during my recent move and my motivation was, and still can be at times, seriously lacking. However, today was a good day!! Thank you to this awesome IG community/family for being a source of information, motivation, entertainment, and just plain REAL! #ebaylife  #ebayseller  #thrifter  #thriftinghouston 

1:18am 01/12/2017 5

Good Morning IG!! I've been listing my arse off since yesterday thanks to @statesplace meanwhile my notifications are going crazy for this auction I have on a calculator that ends tonight. ๐ŸคžI meant to list it over break but hopefully my procrastination pays off his time. I'm determined to make it a good day! #thriftinghouston  #thrifter  #reseller  #ebayseller  #ebaylife 

3:37pm 01/10/2017 3

I've been slacking big time however I am trying to make small attainable goals, not only on a long term basis but daily as well. January 1, 2017 was the perfect day to open my store! I am excited for what's to come and I am so thankful for this supportive community. โค๏ธ #thriftinghouston  #ebaylife  #thrifter  #reseller  #goals 

10:10pm 01/02/2017 14
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Last year was extremely difficult for me. My emotions were everywhere and it was a 'first.' Timehop absolutely killed me for months on end. Now I see this and smile. I'm grateful for my family and friends and for all that have helped us navigate through our grief journey. And I'm thankful for time... as it has given me the ability to love life again, despite loss and tragedy, it has been a consistent factor in my healing and growth. #lifeofayoungwidow  #newchapter  #positivevibes  #healing  #griefjourney 

9:18pm 12/24/2016 3

Yet another non thrift related post BUT I had a great Sunday Funday! I've never been to the range, or even shot a gun for that matter, but it was definitely an experience! I now understand how much knowledge and respect you must have for the weapon you are handling as it is extremely powerful. They definitely don't belong in the wrong hands without proper training. But this Texas gal can cross off one more thing on my 'Stereotypes of Texans' list ๐Ÿ˜œ PSA: I know there are a lot of pro vs anti folks out there and I respect everyone's opinions but no rude comments please โœŒ๏ธ

5:03am 12/19/2016 5

Warning: This is a 3 part post. Sorry NOT sorry in advance for the spam. Okay, first of all... I want to cry. For cereal, I am completely blown away. I haven't been posting a lot of thrift related things b/c of the move and all the chaos that comes along with it (see last post). I haven't even been sourcing, listing, etc for over a month and I've been dying to get back. It's my happy place. Cathartic in a way. It's something I recently picked up and it keeps my mind active, which I NEED. My husband passed 8.1.15 and this is the first thing/job/hobby that I love and brings me joy. And this IG reseller/thrifting community... AMAZING. It's like being in a family in a way. ANYWAYS back to the point... I just checked my new mailbox today to find my #statesplacegiftexchange  gift arrived! @ebaypenny I have a BONE to pick with you!!! Blown away. So many emotions... THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. You NAILED it girl. Again, thank you @statesplace for coordinating this, you have no idea how appreciative I am. #statesplacegiftexchange  #elfster  #secretsanta  #ebaylife  #resellersunite  #thankful  #grateful  #thatPRADAtho 

8:44pm 12/17/2016 2
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As a mom and a widow, this time of year can be difficult. I recently made a huge life change and decided to move away from what was comfortable (aka my house and life as I've known it for years now) to be closer to my support system. My daughter and I needed positivity, encouragement, family, friends, and a solid support system to help aide in our grieving/healing process. For me it is also about accountability... I can't hide in my room or isolate myself if I'm surrounded by so many people that want the best for us. Anyways, my point being, our house was never a home, and tonight I felt a happiness I haven't experienced in so long. It's not the things around you that make you happy (okay well maybe on occasion ๐Ÿ˜œ) but rather the people you surround yourself with and the moments you collect. Second night in the new place... I will cherish it forever. โค

7:02am 12/17/2016 6

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