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Im sorry this is so rushed... I didn't know I worked today and Im rushing around like a fool.. But I already had all the products out so I figured id film anyway. Xxoox. Happy Friday my loves.

2:07pm 01/20/2017 7
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100%. This is most def my motto. I have been struggling with weather or not to post this because I didn't want too offend any of you guys... But that's just not who I am... Worrying about weather or not someone isn't going to get were im coming from, or if someone isn't going to understand my humor... That's just not me. Sooooo, if you don't like guys wearing makeup, guys talking about makeup or me sucking a Dick from time to time (FOR THE RECORD: I have been single for 7 years so this doesn't happen much... That being said, if you have a cute gay brother, or a cute straight one who drinks alot, holla at ya boy😂) comment below and ill be glad to unfollow and block you so you don't have to see it anymore. For those of you that love and support me and my over the top personality and "I say what I want" attitude...I SEE YOU, I LOVE YOU AND YOU MAKE MY LIFE BETTER. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME!

1:16pm 01/19/2017 17

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