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Life-ism: always have a good set of thank you cards on hand. Here's today's purchase.

8:19pm 01/17/2017 6

Sandy desert, snowy mountain, and back to LA. I'd say today was a pretty good day.

2:09am 01/16/2017 3
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A fresh mindset that comes with a new year is always so exciting. Here's to 2017. New photos. New goals. New projects. New relationships. New beginnings.

3:15am 12/31/2016 10

“Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder.” //Star Wars was big in my childhood. This fearless princess will be missed.

1:23am 12/28/2016 5

Dallas. This is where my feet feel solid ground. This is where I can be completely vulnerable and comfortable all at once. This is home. At the end of the day, nothing beats home.

12:24am 12/26/2016 10

Merry Christmas! *lone star nation flag emoji coming soon*

8:38am 12/25/2016 6
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Got some portfolio prints in the mail! Thanks @parabopress

6:30pm 12/23/2016 4

It's the little things that bring endless #joy  in the midst of a #messy  bigger picture. These littles are some of my favorite #littlethings 

6:15am 12/22/2016 4

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