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One of my dad's friend posted a racist picture on Facebook. She made a comparison between monkeys and black people. I cried for an hour. Few weeks ago a young boy (black) was raped by policemen in my country, in France. And some people are saying that he probably deserved it. Nobody, nobody deserves to be raped. No matter his gender, his sexuality or his skin color. Nobody deserves racism. I'm so sick of all these people, full of hate. They don't even know why they are racists. Some people are so dumb. We're all human beings. People need to understand that.

21.2.2017 00:33:55 38
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I watched Unbroken and I couldn't stop crying, this movie is one of the best ever

19.2.2017 16:01:46 10

idc if Larry is real or not, I ship it more than I ship myself with Dave Franco and Zac Efron.

19.2.2017 00:23:48 10

do you know some french celebrities ?(ex : Marion Cotillard, Edith Piaf, Jean Dujardin, Daft Punk...) - @empathyteens, @sasyteens + @emmafbrl

18.2.2017 18:43:03 29
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I just watched the 4th episode of Riverdale and I'm shook. Do you watch it ? If you don't you definitely should @delihberate ❤️ AND FOLLOW @ORIVERSALE BC SHE SLAYS so yeah go follow her before you watch the show

18.2.2017 00:40:21 31

When's your birthday ? Comment below and find your twin ! | Mine is on March 22nd

17.2.2017 19:34:28 52

do you shop at american apparel ? + I'm so excited bc my feed is gonna look bomb af

16.2.2017 20:07:09 12

comment your name letter by letter (wait a moment between every letters so you're not in block)

16.2.2017 01:32:53 126

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