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YOU are the foundation that all of your accomplishments are built on. Make sure it's strong.

3/30/2017 4:32:43 AM 5

One way. Maybe the only time I've had to hold my breath when pushing a button and making a decision. It's a funny feeling to experience what seems like an alternative reality, and then come back to what you've always viewed as "normal." It's the ultimate battle between comfort and progress. It would be a hundred times easier to continue living in the quiet comfortable suburbs on my quiet comfortable street. But, it would never bring me where I want to be in life, and I would spend decades wondering what would've happened had I pushed that little button on the phone. So, I pushed it. And now it's on. So, #hollywood . Let's work. Let's dream. Let's create. Let's collaborate. Let's make magic. Because I'm coming for you, and I will never stop until I get to where I want to be.

3/30/2017 1:34:06 AM 61
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Had to share this amazing post by my brother @bodybyblakesama ⬅️⬅️⬅️ give him a follow. _________________ This post is in no way meant to be braggadocious, and those who know me know I am not happy or satisfied with where I placed, but if it can inspire even 1 person . The CrossFit opens have ended and it has been great to see some incredible athletes perform. However, I feel like we become accustomed to seeing those who have been athletic their whole life crushing it. I, on the other hand, come from a different background. I was overweight, bullied and not athletic in high school (yea, top right). In college I pursued simultaneous BS and MS degrees in engineering, preventing any competitive athletics. BUT, I was introduced to CrossFit and the energy of competition began coursing through my blood. Regardless of holding down a full time engineering job, and building/running a business, I have made the time to train, and busted my ass ever since, never faltering (me today bottom right). This year I placed 8th in MA and 65th of about 16,000 in the hardest region in the world, without any individualized coaching, ever. Consistency and drive were my greatest allies and continue to be. I don't take any crazy supplements and have never taken anything illegal, I just work my ass off. Moral being, you don’t need a strong background in something to try it, or master it. You do need to want it bad enough though. Bad enough to sacrifice for it, live it, and give it everything you have. But never wait, or write yourself off because you don’t think it is possible or you'll never get there. Know that you have more potential than you probably give yourself credit for, and if you commit yourself, amazing things can happen. I congratulate all those moving on to Regionals…I will see you there next year.

3/29/2017 8:34:18 PM 17

Don't expect a higher level of commitment from someone than you're willing to give them in return.

3/29/2017 7:55:30 PM 31

The right man will recognize your value without you ever having to prove it to him.

3/29/2017 5:44:48 PM 24

I honestly love everything about @marcus_york, from the packaging to how my face literally looks 10x clearer after under a week of using it. Visit and use JMS35 at checkout to get 35% off your order - see for yourself!

3/29/2017 4:34:44 AM 5

From "The New School Guide to Bringing Back Romance." New on!

3/29/2017 3:11:34 AM 32

Keep your eyes on the prize.

3/28/2017 11:25:40 PM 23
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My latest on Would love for you to check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

3/28/2017 5:33:42 PM 10

When was the last time you sat down without your phone and had a deep, meaningful conversation about your passions? Your dreams. Your aspirations. What drives you. #oldschoollove is about developing deep, meaningful relationships through real communication and connection. Not through texting or apps.

3/27/2017 5:32:27 PM 12

Anytime I get my beard past the point of a little scruff, I use beard oil to keep it well-groomed and soft. New product line of choice: @marcus_york, and you can get 35% off by using the code JMS35 at checkout!

3/26/2017 6:08:36 PM 32

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