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Images by @joshflogs

Please go check out my latest video! Link in bio🦄 new trip to the thrift. Also if you missed my other vids make sure to check them out!!! YouTube - Joshflogs

18.2.2017 20:23:54 0

this thrifted Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip. Was like new when I got it, soooo comfy

17.2.2017 01:04:23 2
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Please check out my latest videos!! The link in my bio is to my top 5 tips on how to make money in the thrifts let me know what you think!! As always please subscribe for more! Aiming to hit 50 before the end of the month thanks for the support guys. Possible giveaway soon!!!

16.2.2017 22:31:36 0

new video up!! My top 5 tips about making more from thrifting / thrifting in general🤘 let me know what you think. LINK IN BIO

14.2.2017 01:00:47 0

found this vintage reebok t shirt, think this is possibly a sample or a 1 of 1 piece. Very wavy

11.2.2017 21:36:32 0

If you missed yesterday's video please check it out!! Link in my bio should have a new video out soon so stay tuned, might be something different🤔 yt - Joshflogs

10.2.2017 03:27:35 4

NEW VIDEO OUT NOW🤙 check it out, link in my bio. Please subscribe if you haven't already - want to try and hit 50 subs by the end of the month! #thrift #youtuber #thrift erforlife #

9.2.2017 01:33:25 0
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If you missed my recently upload make sure you check it out! Link is in my bio! would be dope to reach 50 subs by the end of the month, not even many more to go is crazy🤙 thanks guys️

8.2.2017 04:25:22 0

Sorry for the late video been super busy this week! Should be dropping a new thrift video tonight or tomorrow! If you misssed my last one the link is in my bio 🤙 thanks for the support guys

5.2.2017 15:23:36 0

grail item right here, Mickey and friends vintage Disney t shirt 100% cotton and made in USA tag 🇺🇸 off white with navy sleeves and collar, dope dope dope

3.2.2017 22:49:23 0

Are these standard Disney tags or vintage tags??? This shirt is so dope

3.2.2017 19:49:47 0

3 HUGE bags today, trip to the thrift haul later🤙 stay tuned

3.2.2017 17:31:25 0

Vintage Disney originals Mickey + friends t shirt is so off white with navy sleeves and details. So dope 🤙

3.2.2017 17:30:49 0

Should have a new thrift video out this evening! Taking you guys along with me for the first time🤙 stay tuned picture taken by me at the #botmeetsworldtour best night of my life

3.2.2017 14:10:34 0

Not clothing but copped this brand new LA LAKERS wall border

3.2.2017 00:35:24 0

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