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always such a joy to host people who are close to my heart :')

26.2.2017 21:41:38 1

sneak peek of sorts :D

24.2.2017 16:00:48 0

happening right now - shooting the menu items of a cafe :D

24.2.2017 13:40:01 1
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Dinner is served! I have a bit of an upset tummy today so keeping it real simple and nutritious by cooking up a Chinese classic - ABC soup :) . It's really simple! My one person pot of soup consists of: 1 large tomato, 1 medium potato, one onion, half a chicken breast, a few cloves of garlic and some anchovy/fish stock. . How to cook: 1. Cube potatoes, cut onions, tomatoes, garlic and put into a pot of water/stock. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 mins 2. Put in chicken meat and simmer for another 15 mins or till potatoes are soft. 3. Garnish with scallions/chives (as you please) 4. Noms . #cleaneating #carolscookingadventures #eatclean #bbg #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #bbgsisters #weightloss #weightloss journey #chinesefood #asianfood #chinesecooking #recipes #foodphotography #foodporn #foodie

22.2.2017 15:27:46 2

it's been a looooong day running around preparing for a shoot... got home and all I wanted to do was turn on the tv and put my feet up haha

21.2.2017 17:07:57 1

Ice cream and football to cap off a long day

17.2.2017 17:28:43 3
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today in #carolscookingadventures: oven-roasted chicken breast (bone-in, shamelessly skin-on) on a bed of vegetables (leek, onions, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, garlic). . Chicken was seasoned and marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, shaoxing wine and black pepper. Cooking time approximately 20mins at about 180-200C. . Verdict: tender, juicy chicken breast, crispy skin and yummy roasted veggies! . #cooking #weightloss #bbg #cleaneating #eatclean #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #homecooking #oven #chicken #recipes

15.2.2017 15:46:43 5

in today's episode of #lazycooking .. I wrapped broccoli and baby carrots into baking paper and chucked it in the oven. Took out a piece of Ngo hiang leftover from CNY, quartered up an onion and let it roast in the oven as well. Threw on some cherry tomatoes, shaved some cheese over it, salt, pepper, olive oil and called it a day hahaha. I'm not proud but proud all at once because it involved only a single piece of cooking equipment HAHA note to self baby carrots take more time than broccoli to cook en papillote.. . . . #cooking #homecooked #oven #eatclean #iloveveggies #carolscookingadventures

14.2.2017 15:58:38 1

taking a much-needed few minutes to stop, be still, and admire this beautiful sunset. Thankful for the past couple of months and all that has happened. Thankful for opportunities.. And ice cream. . . . #sunset

9.2.2017 14:37:04 0

my heart is breaking and I'm crying as I type this. . Today I found out upon arriving back in kl that Bibi, my neighbor's dog, died recently while I was away. . Bibi was the closest I had to my own dog. Her owners didn't care very much about her and never gave her affection and love. She wasn't very well-socialized and would bark at most people, except me. I loved her so much, and going next door to pet her and shower love upon her through the fence (and occasionally going into the compound) was one of my greatest joys. . She always knew when I was coming over. She would jump up on her hind legs (like in this photo) and wag her tail as I would stroke her fur and whisper little words of love to her. After awhile she would sit down and poke her nose through the small opening of the gate for me to continue stroking her. I could sit there for ages just playing with her and telling her stories about my day. . From what I understand, she was sick for two days and her sorry excuse of a dog owner never bothered taking her to the vet. So she died, alone. With no one to love her and cuddle her. She was a good dog and didn't deserve such a shitty family. . And now I'll never see her again, I'll never again stroke that soft fur, look at those soft brown puppy eyes, and see her ears fold downwards because she knew she was safe with me and knew I loved her a lot. . I miss her so much already I miss my darling Bibi. I love you darling, see you at Rainbow Bridge . . . #dogsofinsta #dogsofig #instadogs

4.2.2017 18:42:13 3

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