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Dinner tonight. His and Her Bentos. (slide photo right and left)

23.2.2017 14:53:59 5

Coz only got $5 in pocket and no wallet. Hahahaha. Oh wait, got coins for a vanilla cone. Colleague eats burgers with fork and knife??

23.2.2017 10:31:16 8
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This morning's breakfast because needed something colourful. - cleaned up vomit - mopped floor - soaked clothes - changed baby clothes 3 times - rushed kid to school

22.2.2017 09:28:03 2

Nasi Lemak (without the kacang, telur etc, just Nasi) with Okra, Brinjal and Rendang.

22.2.2017 09:24:31 2

Coz the wifey is addicted to this drink - Matcha Espresso. It also looks so nice! Usually couple share a cup to halve the calories. Since it's one-for-one, same $, we get 2 cups. How to reduce weight like that?

21.2.2017 11:39:32 12

Lunch today: Pseudo Japanese. (Japanese Chap Cai Perng) Brown Rice. Braised Hakusai. Curry Sauce. Honey Pork. Shoyu Tomago.

21.2.2017 08:29:38 1
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Love me tender, Love me sweet, Never let me go. You have made my life complete, And I love you so. You can only sing this to your wife or to nicely done peppery beef cubes.

19.2.2017 16:25:25 5

It was a duck and stormy night. The clan decided that to keep warm, we need to have something roasted.

19.2.2017 15:19:00 3

The exact model of @philipssg #airfryer we used at home. This seems like a very good price! (Saw it while looking for a TV at this branch of Courts that is having moving out sale)

18.2.2017 18:26:52 5

吃了豆腐. 好吃!

18.2.2017 18:21:28 3

This is so addictive. The little one makes a happy noise when it goes into her mouth.

18.2.2017 15:30:45 9

I realised I haven't been taking food photos since Sunday. Lunch today. Roast pork with greens. Phone has been used to stream Barney only. Sigh.

17.2.2017 12:09:49 5

There's something very alluring about the dark kway teow. Classmates since we were that tiny and we meet once a year.

15.2.2017 18:12:10 3

Cold Plate style. KEK Platter.

15.2.2017 16:28:49 5

Colleague (tech blogger) walked to our office and said: I got 12 cupcakes, but not from 12 cupcakes hor.

14.2.2017 12:25:39 2

Colleagues and I went to collect the (free) "Limited Edition Blackboard #starbucks Card" by getting a 1-For-1 drink today. The system is lovingly slow today. So be patient. Hahaha...

14.2.2017 09:20:32 15

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