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》For the rest of the month of January the Kinetic Kingdom Guides have been reduced to $25. Do not waste this opportunity and bring your game to the next level! Reign over your sport! ☆ Peek Fitness ☆ ☆ Acceleration ☆ ☆ Core Strength☆ ☆Mobility☆ @cristiano @herbalife24 @herbalife @premierleague

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@achouj ☆performing medicine ball Rotational throws☆ This is an excellent functional core drill to improve rotational core strength. And in turn helps generate more power when using this motion. 3x12 on each side For a full guide for your Off-Season visit

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☆Functional Core muscles☆ ☆Explosive Posterior Chain☆ ☆Flexibility☆ Obviously @da_27 is one of the best athletes in modern football. His functional and explosive body, plus his agility, make him dangerous in all positions! Exercises coming up to improve all three qualities above. Click on the youtube link in our bio to see what we can help you get closer to as an athlete.

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☆Core stability☆ ☆Balance☆ ☆Strength☆ Notice @karimbenzema keeps his balance and keeps moving forward as he dribbles passed the @sevillafc defenders. Core is everything! Strong and functional core will help any athlete! Simple @realmadrid @equpiedefrance @kinetickingdom

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☆Determination☆ ☆Maintenance☆ ☆Consistency☆ @c_sinc12 has been one if the most consistent players of her generation! Her athleticism and confidence mixed with her skill set has given her an edge over her opponents, and has given @canadasoccer plenty of memories through goals and wicked performances. Ladies obviously, the guides are for you too! Improve your athleticism and conquer your opponents

5:18pm 01/15/2017 1

☆Speed☆ ☆Simplicity☆ ☆Confidence☆ Don't tell us @arjenrobben hasn't been one of the best wingers in recent football. He's agility, pace and simple play makes him incredibly effective. Effective athletes are the best athletes. Now if you're not an effective athlete and you want to be, visit our website @fcbayern @kinetickingdom

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☆Quickness ☆Confidence ☆Agility That split second delay made Marcus Rashford blow past the defence and put the ball in the back of the net. If you're trying to improve your athleticism over the Off-Season visit our website for two 6 week guides. One to unlock your speed and the other to maximize it! Link to our site in our bio!

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☆Beginning is the easy part☆ Start your mornings like @cristiano with an @herbalife24 formula 1 sport shake. This complimented with another fruit and protein gives your body that boost of nurishment that athletes need to prevail. Simple and efficient. Takes about 15s to make! Visit our site to learn more!

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☆No substitute for speed☆ Been watching @hectorbellerin from his U17 days at @arsenal . We knew he'd make the first team because of his crazy speed. He was quick but, he worked on his speed he's way faster If you want to improve your speed visit our website!

4:09am 01/13/2017 1
Sponsored ads Working with @kinetickingdom Soldier @glorydevo is a blessing. Hard working, focused and consistent athletes get to where they want to be much faster than not. He was already explosive before hand but, fine tuning mechanics and increasing his strength made him almost untouchable. @kinetickingdom Soldier program is $45/mo which includes, goal guides, training exercises specific to your position, and stage of the season, free CR7 Drive ($40 value), and 24/7 accessibility. Click on the link above to watch him in action!

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☆Improves body mechanics ☆Reduces chances of injury ☆Speeds up recovery Flexibility is a key factor on why some athletes can play for 10+ years versus 3 years and done. Also we were wondering if a blog with extra tips would interest you? Like and comment below if so! Let's get you Kinetic!

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The Kinetic Kingdom Website is finally up and running! Just click on our website in our profile link. We'll do our best to give you the knowledge to develop the best athlete you can be. But it's all up to your will!

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☆Train efficiently ☆Fuel body properly ☆Fix weaknesses and fine tune strengths in your game ☆Confidence ☆Consistency = Reigning over your sport @thierryhenry Want to be the best in your position? Go to a better team? Get a scholarship? Sign a contract? It starts in the Off-Season! Guides are ready for sale on the website! Send me and email and let's make those dreams... a Reality!

2:31pm 01/11/2017 3

☆Explosiveness through the hips Knee to feet jumps! 3x5 Get that explosive power you've always needed! @kinetickingdom @cristiano @madrid @premierleague @achouj

11:22pm 01/10/2017 6

☆Upper body strength ☆Core stability ☆Powerful glutes and hips @rlukaku9 everything most European clubs want in a player! Big, strong, fast and technical! Develop your muscles and improve your mobility with the @kinetickingdom guides! Coming out soon! @everton @premierleague Sneek peek exercises will be posted soon to help develop your athletic gains like Lukaku!

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☆READ UNTIL THE END☆ Followers first of all 2016 was the Year of @cristiano who almost one every soccer/football/futbol award possible. You may see his success but many of you don't know how much he hustled and grinded to become the world class baller he is today. Plenty of sacrifice and lots of discipline. Teammates said he had amazing skill but he was too skinny... he wasn't going to have that @manchesterunited his teammates said that he'd train with ankle weights, take them off and then race his friend or teammates car. He'd be the first at the field and the last one to leave and then head to the gym. On top of that he'd head home and swim lengths of his pool. He was and still is extremely strict with his diet. As he only sees food as fuel not for enjoyment. (you can still enjoy food) He's definitely deserving and proves hard work pays off. Cristiano gets what he wants. That's the mentality for you in 2017! We can't make you Ronaldo but we can guide you to improving your game.

9:15pm 01/09/2017 3

☆Acceleration/Deceleration ☆Functional Core ☆Mobility Hmmm we've been seeing these three traits pop up quite often. Well maybe its because when these three attributes are fine tuned, it separates the normal athletes to the world class. These exercises help improve all three! Split squats 2x12 Ball roll pushups 2x12 To become the world class athlete hidden inside you. Be ready for our three guides plus a special bonus! @alexis_officia1 @arsenal @premierleague

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