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Box Jumps Builds great power in your posterior chain and this turns into explosiveness! Pair this up with Glute activation drills like band resisted side steps and sprints and you'll be flying past players like @emre.mor9 and @aubameyang @bvb09

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A fabulous solo goal by @payetdimitri27 back in his @westham days! His core strength allows him to twist and turn and lose his multiple defenders! Core strength is absolutely crucial for any athlete!

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Speaking of wirey players... @fcbarcelona @jmboula completely destroying defenders in this amazing run! Absolutely incredible. This is due to his core stability, his flexible hips and ability to change direction! Let @kinetickingdom know what you want to improve on!

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These strikers are full of energy and zip past their markers with ease. A defender's worst nightmare! The live wire striker needs to accelerate and decelerate quickly and change direction like it's nobody's business! The routine: A, B and C skips 10 on each leg Drop box jumps 4x6 Push up with toe touch 4x12 Russian Twists 4x20s Single Leg Deadlifts 4x12 In and out push ups 4x12 Ball slams 4x8 Lateral band walks 4x20 Single arm row 4x12 Plank to push up 4x12 Hill sprints 6x 10m Get up hill sprints 5x20m Knees to feet Hill sprint 3x 30m (Decelerate at the end of each sprint and walk back to beginning) And obviously... lots of finishing and dribbling drills. What position or player type should be up next comment below and tag a friend! For a full 12 week guide dm @kinetickingdom

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Developing proper body mechanics and activating dormant muscles is the first step to improving your athletic ability! @sr4oficial is performing a box Squat with resistance bands this targets the VMO and glutes! In turn the muscles turn on and enhance your explosive and strength capabilities! For a full 6 week program to unlock your athletic potential for the low price of $25 please send @kinetickingdom a dm.

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B U R S T The @arsenal youngster on loan has some wheels! Unfortunate about the finish but the run is exceptional nevertheless! If you're looking to increase your speed and explosiveness then send @kinetickingdom a dm!

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The @herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport is an excellent source of nutrition for athletes! It is a delicious and a meal that gives athletes the required nutrition they need. With only 1g of lactose! If interested send @kinetickingdom a DM!

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As a central defender it is important to have explosive power, linear speed and a stable core to keep up with the wirey attackers. This is a small routine for centre backs! Alternating jumping lunges 4x5 Ball roll push ups 4x12 Leg Lowers 4x20 Nordic Drops 4x8 Dumbbell rows 4x12 Flutter Kicks Hip Thrusts 4x6 Military Press 4x5 Plank shoulder taps 4x12 6x 10m sprints 4x 20m sprints Bounds 3x6 @kinetickingdom

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¤ M A K E S P A C E ¤ Formal @arsenal Striker @poldi_official passes and loses his defender thanks to his first few steps (acceleration) and he thunders the ball into the back of the net (Rotational Core strength and lower body strength) learn how to increase your agility and power with the @kinetickingdom

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Are you training everyday? Practice makes perfection! -Eric Thomas @fcbayern winger @robben works on his physical and technical work every training session. I doubt in his professional career he hasn't practiced darting from the right wing onto his left foot and banging it or curling it into the net. This mixed with speed and agility training and obviously other technical drills have made Robben one of the most dangerous players using the same move! He's done it a million times yet no one can stop him. Pick a skill and master it! Tag a friend you would master a skill with

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Athletes should always have breakfast (unless you're trying to make weight as a wrestler or boxer etc.) The reason for having breakfast is to fuel your body for the day as well as jump start your metabolism. Athletes should have a meal of carbohydrates:whether oatmeal or fruits/vegetables Protein: Whether meats,beans or vegetables Healthy Fats: From meats,mct oil/coconut oil or avacado. These are just examples. Like most athletes my @kinetickingdom it's pretty busy a well prepared breakfast isn't always available... SIKE! @herbalife24 formula 1 sport meal replacement powder is an athletes full meal, quick and delicious. It's a shake if you just use water, almond milk or skim milk. Personally mixing it within oatmeal which is already full of protein and carbs and a fruit on the side, gives me that boost I need to get the best out of the day and perform at optimum knowing I've fueled my body like a champion! DM @kinetickingdom if you're interested in the Herbalife 24 Formula 1 powder @kinetickingdom @herbalife

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If you're looking for a body like CR7 then... you're going to have to put in YEARS of work! Just like any other professional he looks to perfect his technique, mind and body! Fortunately for you @kinetickingdom can guide you to improve your body to become more athletic and powerful! Small CR7 like Training: Box Jumps: 5x6 Plyometric Pushups 5x6 Mountain Climbers 5x 20s Single Leg RDL's 5x10 Pull Ups 5x8 Bicycle Crunches 5x20s Glute Bridge 5x4 Dumbbell Curls 5x8 Russian Twists 5x20s 5x10m sprints 4x20m sprints 3x30m sprints And OBVIOUSLY a bunch of skill moves! Tag a teammate who you'd like to try this with!

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@arsenal and @fcbarcelona fans reaction after you bring up their recent Champions League Games... In better news @kinetickingdom Soldier @madisoncorbie has qualified for OFSAA Wrestling thanks to her wicked performance yesterday at regionals! Excellent work! Now let's get the Gold!

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Name the top 3 explosive players in the game today! @king_coman11 is definitely up there for the @kinetickingdom

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A lot of players don't know what to do to make it to the next level. Usually it's "train harder" or "train consistently." Both statements are true but training EFFICIENTLY and eating CLEAN are two things players over look. Make a plan and stick to it! Luckily for you @kinetickingdom loves making plans for individuals who are looking to better themselves. And have standard guides to improve your athleticism and nutrition. Send a DM if you're interested to learn more!

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There's a minor problem with the @kinetickingdom website. While it's being fixed and possibly upgraded. You can DM @kinetickingdom instead if you would like to purchase products. Potential Flair (Guide to firing and activating muscles to be more explosive) $25 CAD Advanced Athleticism( Building more explosiveness, strength and speed) $25 CAD Athlete Nutrition (Simple food Guide to get the best out of your performance) $25 Save $10 with the Ultimate Off-Season Guide Package (All 3 guides) $65 +CR7 Drive

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@carlinisles aka the fastest man in world rugby! Doing his sports specific agility drill. Simply exploding past your opponent can be extremely effective when going forward! Defensive players can tweak it by back pedalling and turning to a sprint past the cone! It can be that simple! @kinetickingdom

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Introducing the newest @kinetickingdom Soldier @filipevilela9 ! A phenomenal striker wanting to improve even further. Just like you should! Visit for simple guides to boost your performance

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@blaisematuidiofficiel showing how simple it is to either increase Speed: Increase sets with 1 rep and rest Or Game Conditioning: Decrease sets and increase reps with lower rest The @psg and @equpiedefrance baller always looking to improve both... just like you should! Visit for guides to help you get to the next level @kinetickingdom

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Check out @andrew7hughes rounding off his hattrick with this snipe! The @kinetickingdom member is almost the top point leader and is oozing with confidence! It's an even sweeter victory because it's against his old club! Give him a follow!@nhl

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