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Weekend Event Spoiler! Really like everything! I only have 340 K-stars so I won't be able to get the hair But I love the boots and the dress! Can't wait for tomorrow!! ❤

23.2.2017 21:29:32 8
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Me when I first started playing KKH vs. Me now I started playing this amazing game on November/December of 2014. And that was my character. I still have some screenshots in my old iPad lmao. Then I uninstalled the app, and then in October of 2015 I started again. I joined the community in February or March of 2016. I lost my progress 3 times so I decided to uninstall the game (again) in July, so I also leaved the community. But, in December, I decided to come back, because I really missed the community and the game tbh. I started the game again, without any old progress. And that is me now, I'm on level 21, I'm a C+, and I absolutely love my avi now. I used to tan my avi a lot and I also used black shadow a lot. I'm a very very white person in real life, I never get tanned, it's so hard for me. And I also have dark hair so.. ️ and yeah that's all. I was bored so I decided to do this

11.2.2017 14:34:27 3
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Why is Glu always trying to take our money seriously I really like the jacket and dress, if someone could gift a box, I would be SO grateful ❤️

4.2.2017 02:17:51 5

Having a little break in London after a very long weekend! 🇬🇧

17.1.2017 00:06:02 1

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