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I was thinking to myself..I'm sure that (at a cost) anything can be repaired. However how about a mattress where the centre section, full of springs or memory foam, could possibly be pulled out and replaced once they became worn out. Like a sort of soft chest of drawers. Beds can not be accepted by charitable organizations, therefore they are landfill. Not a sustainable/viable option for the future. I share this idea freely (quote King M. Rakic if you like) and hope that it stirs up some creative juices and action, Nikola Tesla style. We are from the same country. KMR

6:45pm 01/08/2017 3
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"Tragedy When the feelin's gone and you can't go on It's tragedy When the morning cries and you don't know why It's hard to bear With no one to love you You're goin' nowhere"-Bee Gees. The journey that the grape has endured to bring you it's finest is almost insurmountable. It is disrespectful to the grape to carry a bottle of Shiraz in a thin plastic bag. I would never risk such a tragedy in my life. KMR

11:13pm 01/07/2017 1
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