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It's February and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it's 2017.

11.2.2017 22:48:40 35

Since a lot of you are asking I'll address this situation. I recently changed my account's username from @kylie.glamm to @myluxuriouslut. Well not just the username but the whole topic. When I used to be a fan page of Kylie I didn't feel appreciated for what I was doing for her. With all honestly I never felt like it was worth it, don't get me wrong I still love Ky but not to the point where I should dedicate my hard work and effort to her since she doesn't seem to care or notice it. I lost interest in having a Kylie Jenner fan page and I didn't feel happy with what I was spending my time with so I decided to spice up the topic and not make it related to anything. So I guess from now on I'll just post my interests and whatever inspires me. There are no hard feelings, all love.

11.2.2017 22:26:40 24
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Those eyelashes how perfect is her makeup

11.2.2017 12:03:18 39

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