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19.2.2017 03:29:08 2

Can you believe that these lashes are only 1mm longer than her natural lashes? this babes natural lashes were a size 15mm! Wanting to add thickness and volume with a Classic fullset! ❣️

18.2.2017 10:50:09 6

Our gorgeous Regional Manager Kryshina all lashes & browed up for her baby shower this weekend! All done by the amazing Olivia, who has recently been PROMOTED ✨ to 2ic! All the girls at Lash Envy hope that you have an amazing weekend being showered with love & gifts in preparation for your bundle of joy

17.2.2017 12:46:56 7
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A big AMEN to that! Whatever shape, size, colour ect, you are amazing!

16.2.2017 23:05:12 3

when people have "Lash Envy" over your lashes! This makes me giggle! Happy hump day! Make sure to secure your appointment for the weekend, by calling Oakleigh on 0416959115 or Ascot Vale on 0415663898! ✨ #howboutdat

15.2.2017 01:01:06 17

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