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When the lashes and brows are on FLEEK! 🙏🏼 this babe came back to Lash Envy while holidaying in Australia for a second time. Wearing a Natural Set in classic & the Brow Envy Makeover, Lisa is ready to show 🇦🇺 Melbourne how it's done!

10:12am 01/17/2017 3

Shanghai Suzy lipsticks to the rescue! 🙌🏻 with an amazing range of colours and locally sourced and made in Melbourne, why the hell not? Pick one up at your next appointment!

10:44pm 01/16/2017 3
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Our gorgeous client @jilleasa_ rocking her Full VOLUME set! Jill came to us with damaged lashes, and with the correct application and care, her natural lashes have repaired. So blessed to not only have amazing clients but create great friendships as well. We LOVE 💗 our jobs!

9:16am 01/16/2017 4

BROWS are sisters, not twins! We all have that favourite one. During our consultation of the Brow Envy Makeover, we will assist you in how to fill your brows in, so you can love them both the same 😍

12:47am 01/16/2017 5

💥 LASHES THAT MAKE YOUR EYES POP! Look at those gorgeous blue eyes. Russian Volume is the technique of applying a fan of 3-6 lashes on one natural lash. In doing this, it assists in creating a thick, fluffy & bold look. Perfect for those with sparse lashes who want extra thickness that classic can't achieve. 🙌🏻

9:09am 01/15/2017 3

That wing 🙌🏻👌🏽 this gorgeous full set done by our Salon Manager at Ascot Vale; Lucy. A classic set, is the technique of a one on one lash. One extension is perfectly isolated and placed on one of your natural lashes! A great set to start for newbies! Whereas Russian Volume is a fan of lashes placed on one natural lash to create a glam, bold look!

8:06pm 01/13/2017 2

It's FRIDAY! And that means we have RNB Friday pumping through the salon while we lash. What a better way to end the week! With some throwback tunes, and perhaps a lash nap; you will wake up with amazing extensions! Sign me up!

10:12pm 01/12/2017 1
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Half way through the first week of the most amazing year to come.. What would you like to see more of on Social Media? We would love to know! 💫 let's kick butt in 2017!

2:31am 01/12/2017 5

We're all about the BROWS 👌🏽😍 The Brow & Lash whisperers! The Brow Envy Makeover consists of a design consultation, wax, signature tweeze, tint and highlight. The question is, why not?

11:15am 01/11/2017 3

Holy lashes 🙌🏻 let's jump straight back into the swing of things with this AMAZING Natural VOLUME set done by beautiful Dolly! 💗 start this year the right way; with a gorgeous set of Eyelash Extensions 👌🏽

9:40am 01/10/2017 5

Ah 2017! We now open the doors of also our ASCOT VALE salon this morning. Such an amazing year in 2016, but we are preparing for an ever bigger one in 2017!

9:43pm 01/09/2017 2
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...AND With a blink, and a flutter of an eyelash.. WE ARE BACK! After a well deserved break, I'm sure all of you are glad to hear those words! We will begin to return all your calls, messages and emails. We are SO excited for the year to come. Big things coming for Lash Envy Melbourne. Stay tuned! 💗 let's get those LASHES ON FLEEK FOR 2017!

8:49pm 01/08/2017 6

The end of an amazing year at Lash Envy. Our lash dolls will now take a well deserved break after a massive year full of lashes and brows. On behalf of all of the staff at LEM I would like to thank all of our amazing loyal clients who have once again supported us through another great year. Please continue to tag us in your selfies this festive season! Our doors, and social media will return on the 9th of January. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all you beautiful ladies. Love & long lashes, LEM. 😘🎄💗

6:57am 12/24/2016 3

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