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Oh My GOD bey is pregnant, am too excited can't even express how I feel right now. @beyonce congratulations Queen bey

2.2.2017 02:41:47 18

What do I do to make my hair longer???

1.2.2017 11:49:26 14
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Told y'all I ain't just a fat biatch

24.1.2017 00:50:07 27

I am a disciple of Chris

22.1.2017 22:34:44 7

Butterflies baby

21.1.2017 02:26:16 13

Funny how I look skinnier than some of y'all

21.1.2017 02:26:10 18

Challenge accepted @ms.fatzy

19.1.2017 12:22:53 9

Happy birthday to you young, I pray this new year brings you happiness & prosperity. Live life to the fullest bro, turn up @ubinmackson

19.1.2017 04:24:01 4

So what if I wear them puma with suckss???

19.1.2017 01:43:41 23

OK now, how I be with the Photoshop

19.1.2017 01:42:34 4

Silence is the best answer not violence

16.1.2017 00:34:40 12

Me beautifully painted

14.1.2017 04:56:19 19

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