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Lisa at 8: Things I hate. Starts w liver...ends with_______ Just in case you thought #woke is recent. Also: Except squash/spinach-All still true. Grade-School#SJW #wokeuplikewoke #wokeasfuck

3/27/2017 1:24:29 AM 3

Sometimes on the weekend we do this mess. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #BusterTheWonderMuppet

3/25/2017 9:19:42 PM 3

Lisa at 8: Things I like about me - my green eyes & I'm funny. I like reading & LOVE dogs. All the rest is true as well. I'm still not that tall & kind of "prety". Actually not much has changed.

3/22/2017 7:50:49 AM 4
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#presidentiallevelfuckboy is my go-to hashtag forever. @troubleman31

3/19/2017 3:19:06 AM 3

Lisa at 8: A Self-Portrait. Working in pastels (crayola) in what was clearly my Red, Bloodshot-eye period. Pretty prophetic. Check out the big red lips & eyelash extensions. #ToldYaMyLipsAreReal Thanks to @lauratriola for the discovery. Next up: #thingsilike

3/18/2017 11:57:23 PM 1

#Tao Opening last night. This one right here. @michellechiklis- thank you for the top shelf, gold wristband, bottle service fun. @michaelchiklis -most VI of the VIPs.

3/17/2017 5:23:26 PM 0
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#timessquare @ychimovie with me, this guy who is effortless at both acting and making me look like a tiny flower. @joannakrupa @mattpohlkamp @gronk Tmw in theater's & VOD.

3/17/2017 1:37:40 AM 0

Rolled in at 2 am. Like the old days-minus the booze. #premiere #hollywood @blackrabbitrose #magic #boogiewoogie #brothersal @hilarybarraford FTW & the invite & @thekevinporter for the big strong arm for these heels. Go on Wed to see the epically talented @brothersal_dmc & late night binge on #chefpla crazy good Thai food.

3/16/2017 8:45:57 PM 1

More @ychimovie premiere fun with suave handsome and talented @thekevinporter. Usually the guys who have bunches of headshots for you to sign are in NYC. This sweet guy at #mannschinesetheater had really good shots of me - so I signed them all. Hope he gets a good price! Had such a good time last night - what a kind generous and deliciously wicked gang. @mattpohlkamp @joannakrupa @andregordonofficial

3/16/2017 8:13:30 PM 0

#premiere2 with miss @joannakrupa & her crew of beauties - including her sweet sassy mom, my redhead sister. @thekevinporter had an extraordinary nuanced performance. Proud to be with him at #YCHI

3/16/2017 5:39:28 PM 1

@rockandreillys #stpaddysblockparty Wearin O' the Green Mustache. Where's the #dropkickmurphys? Thanks @djlisafoxx for the VIP tent action!

3/12/2017 2:47:34 AM 3

Juggling meetings, auditions & ADR in one day. And outside the sound studio you "run into" your friend & get inspired by one of the best tvshows ever. #hollywood #theshield #pilotseason @michaelchiklis

3/10/2017 2:19:47 AM 2

Badass. #repost @katherynwinnick with @repostapp #internationalwomensday ・・・ To all the beautiful and powerful women out there.. Happy Woman's Day!

3/9/2017 5:45:49 AM 2

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