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✨Illuminated Heart will be getting released on Saturday ✨. My 2017 resolution is to tell a more solid colour story with my images, so I have been really sitting with these photos to paint you guys an amazing story through imagery. Get ready, because they will take your breath away. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

9:57am 01/19/2017 8

It's soul capturing photos like this one that makes me fall in love with my job all over again ❤️✨. The colour story these images are telling is just mesmerising, I will be working on releasing these over the coming week and I can't wait for you all to see them! ❤️✨. I have opted to call this series 'Illuminated Heart' 🌙. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

11:59am 01/14/2017 7

You know 2017 is going to be a good year when your first shoot for the year starts of with a dream team made in heaven 🎆. I'm so blessed to work with such gorgeous and talented humans ❤️️. MODEL 👸🏻: @carebear HMUA💄: @erenoramakeup

9:50am 01/13/2017 8

Oh, Tiny Dancer ❤️️. There is such a beautiful contrast between light and dark in this photo set, which is exactly what I live for. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

11:30am 01/12/2017 4
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Ships in the Night✨. I am so enchanted by this photoshoot, I almost have no words ❤️️. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

8:40am 01/12/2017 16

Illuminate ✨. This afternoon, I had the pleasure of shooting this absolutely gorgeous girl alongside my makeup queen @erenoramakeup and even go to meet @kw_photog (which was glorious, such a sweetheart). To say picking a preview photo was difficult is an understatement. I can't wait to show you all the beauty we created. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

11:53am 01/11/2017 10

Hi Guys! I am really excited to announce that myself and the ever so talented Anni from Erenora SPFX & Makeup Artistry (@erenoramakeup) are officially in collaboration! We have been working on putting together some really amazing packages to combine our services to bring incredible results to all our beautiful clients. These packages will be rolling out soon and in the meantime we are still going to be taking bookings as a team. We are going to be collaborating on a broad range of areas in 2017, such as: Portraiture sessions Maternity Model Portfolios Boudoir Fairytale/Fantasy Themed shoots (We are NOT taking on weddings at this point in time) So please do not hesitate to contact myself or Anni to book in with us! We are happy to answer any questions or take on any requests you may have. Where you can find us: Erenora SPFX & Makeup Artistry - Anni Cronin FB: Erenora SPFX & Makeup Artistry Instagram: @erenoramakeup Website: The Lost Fawn - Jess Armstrong FB: The Lost Fawn Website:

10:37am 01/10/2017 8

Plans for 2017: Travel. I'm planning on heading over to the states for my birthday and I will of course be taking my camera with me. So The Lost Fawn will literally be lost ✨✈️🗽.

10:53am 01/02/2017 4

Let the magic of what you truly and authentically love, be what you follow in 2017 ✨. Last magical self portrait of 2016, I hope you all have an amazing new year and can't wait to keep sharing magical images with you all ✨❤️️.

4:59am 12/31/2016 4

Throwback to the very very beginning of my photography journey. This was taken almost two years ago now, it's so interesting looking back and seeing how far my processes have come when it comes to composition and editing. I felt like I knew nothing about photography at this point. Goes to show, you can teach yourself anything if you just put your mind to it💐✨.

2:59am 12/30/2016 13
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I am now taking bookings for January 2017. Please DM me for my rates ✨. I don't plan on hoping 2017 is a successful year, I plan on making it one. I have so many amazing ideas and concepts in mind for the new year and can't wait to share them all with you! I have some exciting packages coming your way in the new year too, so stay tuned! 🌙.

7:53am 12/26/2016 4

From one baby fawn to another here's to wishing you a Merry Christmas ❄️❤️️. I wish we had White Christmas in Australia, but it's fine, I'll live through my images of snow and little baby bambi to compensate ❤️️.

6:18am 12/24/2016 2

2016 has been a wild ride for me. I threw my ambition of being a lawyer in the bin to chase my real dream of being a photographer, it took months of built up anxiety and working through a lot of things to get to this point. But I wouldn't change my decision for the world, this is what I truly and authentically love. I've met some amazing models and talented people along my journey this year, including @erenoramakeup who has been an absolute gem to me in the very little time I've known her and I can't wait to make 2017 my bitch with her alongside me. I also collaborated with @kayleesbeautyboutique who is another incredibly talented MUA who is incredibly gorgeous and so sweet. If any of my photographer friends are looking for MUA's or are stuck on finding one, these are your girls, go check them out ✨. I can't wait to show you all what 2017 has in store! ✨🌙.

8:15am 12/23/2016 18

One of my favourite self portraits from my mini series 'The Banshee'. I will be pushing out new work this week, regardless of how I'm feeling right now I'm determined to not let it run me or my day. It's been a long three days, but all I want to do is get back to what I love ❤️️✨.

10:43am 12/20/2016 6

I've had a rough day with my anxiety and ended up at the hospital (I'm okay). I thought posting this photo would be appropriate, as I created it with the intention of giving the perception I'm running away from my anxiety. I battle with this everyday, today is no different 💕. New work will come once I feel a little more grounded, but I hope you're all enjoying these throwback photos ✨.

4:31am 12/18/2016 10
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I was going to do a new self portrait today, then I walked outside and felt how brutal this heat is. So I think I'll opt to do something inside tomorrow ✨.

7:56am 12/17/2016 2

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