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@el_kabamba x @erenoramakeup x @lost__fawn ✨. These photos will be getting completed over the weekend. She's oceans away is now live and the link is in my bio. Next in the cue is Starlight and Eden, then our beautiful new boudoir set as well. We have been very busy little bees lately .

3/22/2017 1:43:35 AM 7

I will be releasing these beautiful haunting images really soon, I'm actually writing a story to go with them so it's taking me a little longer then usual ✨. I will also be releasing all the new work I've done recently, it'll roll out over the course of the month ✨. MODEL: @bella_vanye HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/21/2017 5:26:50 AM 7

Preview of our new set titled 'Eden' . MODEL: @azaramoon HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/18/2017 2:15:03 PM 9
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she was oceans away. These images are now completed, now to just work on the words for them ✨. I'll release these on my blog and website once the issue of Surreal we are in comes out later this month. MODEL: @bella_vanye HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/17/2017 4:46:35 PM 5

@el_kabamba x @lost__fawn x @erenoramakeup ✨.

3/14/2017 2:35:34 PM 8

Preview of today's absolutely gorgeous client shoot ✨. MODEL: @el_kabamba MUA: @erenoramakeup

3/9/2017 1:38:07 PM 6

Starlight ✨. Preview of today's totally adorable shoot with these gals. MODEL: @annapatch_ HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/8/2017 3:07:04 PM 7

She was oceans away . I have some very exciting news! These images have been accepted into Surreal Beauty Magazine in the U.S and Dreaming in Ethereal Gold has been accepted into Femme Rebelle U.K! I will be finishing these beautiful photos off and getting them to my beautiful models shortly, I will then release the photos when the magazines are issued due to strict guidelines. Also, watch this space. A preview from today's shoot is also going up tonight! ✨. MODEL: @bella_vanye HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/8/2017 1:16:06 PM 16

'She was oceans away' ✨. I couldn't help but show you guys one more sneak peak of this set. This set was inspired by mermaids and Bellas perception of this character bought this set to life right in front of my camera ✨. I will be finishing off Dreaming in Ethereal Gold this weekend and then getting these ones done with a beautiful aesthetic story to go with it, there will of course be more previews too ❤️. MODEL: @bella_vanye HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/4/2017 6:01:17 AM 12
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'For she, loved the ocean more then herself'. A little magical preview as today's shoot. This piece will be my first official editorial as I will be writing a story to go with these images . MODEL: @bella_vanye HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/3/2017 3:32:34 PM 10

Little Red is now live on my blog ✨. We have waited so long to release these images but it's been so worth it. This is one of my absolute favourite sets to date . Link is in my bio! @carebear x @erenoramakeup x @lost__fawn

3/2/2017 9:31:59 AM 11

Little Red . I am ever so excited to announce that Little Red has been internationally published in Femme Rebelle Magazine this month! Femme is a UK based magazine and this marks my first ever international published piece. Thank you too my girls @erenoramakeup & @carebear for making this shoot so magically wonderful. I'm so proud and so happy that we accomplished this together, forever thankful for you ladies believing in me and the magic I wish to create for the world ✨. I will be releasing these photos on my blog and website this evening for you all to view. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

3/2/2017 4:18:48 AM 12

'Dreaming in Ethereal Gold' ✨. Something simplistic but magical, sometimes adding too much into an image can distract too much. MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HAIRPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

2/28/2017 1:20:03 PM 13

This set is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites! I've decided to this set 'Dreaming in Ethereal Gold' because these photos look like something from a dream . MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HEADPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

2/23/2017 2:30:19 PM 11

Please forgive me being so quiet and not posting preview photos of this gorgeous set (set name still coming to me) as I have been a bit sick this week. The colour tone of these images is just so dreamy and beautiful ❤️✨. MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HEADPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

2/22/2017 1:34:54 PM 13

A little preview of today's magical shoot ✨. I'm still coming up with a set name for these ones, but isn't Anne just gorgeous? I tried out a new colour tone process and I rather love it. Stay tuned. This set is going to be bringing all sorts of magical goodness ✨. MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HAIRPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

2/19/2017 2:54:56 PM 16

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