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This set is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites! I've decided to this set 'Dreaming in Ethereal Gold' because these photos look like something from a dream . MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HEADPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

23.2.2017 14:30:19 11

Please forgive me being so quiet and not posting preview photos of this gorgeous set (set name still coming to me) as I have been a bit sick this week. The colour tone of these images is just so dreamy and beautiful ❤️✨. MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HEADPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

22.2.2017 13:34:54 13

A little preview of today's magical shoot ✨. I'm still coming up with a set name for these ones, but isn't Anne just gorgeous? I tried out a new colour tone process and I rather love it. Stay tuned. This set is going to be bringing all sorts of magical goodness ✨. MODEL: @annekeliu HMUA: @erenoramakeup HAIRPIECE: @boutiquebybrendalee

19.2.2017 14:54:56 16
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'Golden hour by the window sill' ✨. There will be one more to follow this one. I am planning on having a big editing day tomorrow. Crimson Heart will be up on Patreon tomorrow ❤️.

17.2.2017 13:39:53 9

Throwback to everyone's favourite self portrait ✨. New work will be coming this week! As well as finishing off Crimson Heart which will be going up on Patreon this week, just got a few more to go .

14.2.2017 12:58:26 10

I was going to do a new manipulation photo today, but then I walked outside and felt the full wrath of this heat. So have a photo from when I was twirling around in a forest waiting for the street lights to come on ✨.

13.2.2017 10:06:07 12

For those wondering why Little Red hasn't been released yet. Basically these images have been published nationally and internationally and I'm under strict instructions not to release them till the magazines come out in March . MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

12.2.2017 12:32:23 5

Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, believe in the power of your own magic ✨. This is the last photo for my little golden glow self portrait series . These images are supposed to be grainy and have texture, it's how I intended to create them. So the resolution Instagram puts them in makes them look pixelated when they actually aren't.

10.2.2017 09:56:49 9

Inspired by John Mayer's 'Neon' ✨.

9.2.2017 07:52:25 9
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Tonight, I twirled around under street lights dreaming of magical things ✨. There will be two more photos to follow this, as a little mini self portrait series before I shoot yet another gorgeous model on Sunday ❤️✨.

8.2.2017 13:09:56 8

Crimson Heart ❤️. There will be one final free preview of this set, and then the rest will remain exclusive to my Patreon! Link is in the bio. Wanted to share some Black & White goodness cause I'm a sucker for it ❤️. MODEL: @_kettle HMUA: @erenoramakeup

6.2.2017 10:36:26 10

'Crimson Heart' . Preview of yesterday's little magical shoot with this absolute queen! Also shoutout to my photographer mum for helping a sister out with some RAW tint issues @kw_photog! MODEL: @_kettle HMUA: @erenoramakeup NSFW WARNING: I don't even want to put this here, but if you are offended by a beautiful woman in lingerie please just don't look at it. I know there's going to be some snarky person who gets up in arms about this so feel free to unfollow.

4.2.2017 05:48:33 12

Little Red and The Silent Protector. I know I said that there wasn't going to be anymore previews of Little Red until I release them this month (and this will legit be the final one). But I spent 4 days creating 6 different versions of this just to get it perfect. Manipulations are no walk in the park and they need to be done correctly. Wouldn't of been able to keep a level head with out the real #dreamteam by my side who encouraged me regardless of me getting disheartened, persistence is key. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup

2.2.2017 15:40:02 9

Last sneak peak of our series 'Little Red'. Could not of picked a more perfect model then @carebear to play this character ❤️. I'm very blessed to have beautiful talented people in front of my camera who also happen to be my friends. MODEL: @carebear HMUA: @erenoramakeup #erenoraandfawn

30.1.2017 13:38:18 11

Go check out Lady in Red on my blog if you haven't seen it yet . NFSW WARNING: the booty can be seen in this so don't get offended cause I worked hard for my peaches I'm allowed to show it off, k? .

23.1.2017 08:20:09 7

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