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Listen, I know it's summery out side and just a week ago it was a cold Saturday and all of you are teasing me on Facebook with nature pictures while I'm studying for my exams, but I just wanted you to know that's it's almost summer and Im taking a semester off so you are gonna have to deal with all my bikini selection on your feed every Saturday from April till august, and I have a whole bunch Just kidding of course, I'm just so jealous while being stuck in a pile of books and fantasizing about wearing a 2 piece and laying on the beach with a beer. #cheerstotheweekend

25.2.2017 16:35:05 9

So I got this @americaneagleisrael text today that announced I received a 50% discount at the store on the whole new entire collection. I took the time after work, cancelled my workout and went to the mall only to discover none of their jeans fit me, which is surprising cause I just wore an #americaneagle jeans 2 days ago, you can even see it in the pics, a new one by the way that I bought not more than 6-7 months ago. And so, It was very strange trying on a bunch of size 14 jeans labeled all kinds from stretch to super stretch to nigh rise and low rise, and non for me. So I walked out, a bit crying I might add, and felt very annoyed and discouraged. For years this is my go to jean brand, I've probably had about 20 pairs in the last 6 years, with and without the weigh gain. So imagine my surprise, seeing that I have the same pair, same exact one at home just different color and this one just doesn't fit. So I ran home and tried on my size 12 jean from 2 years ago, and imagine the surprise, if fucking fits. Now don't tell me size decrease doesn't exist.

24.2.2017 01:03:20 12
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It's not the best time of the year so I'm not really going out or taking pictures but just so you won't forget me. Through back to about 2 months ago when I first colored my hair pink and was crazy about it.

15.2.2017 11:15:01 7

Wear a nice dress that makes you feel comfy, do your makeup however you like, don't mind those fools saying you wear too much of it or your dress is too tight. Wear the shoes you want, if you like those high heels - wear them with pride and walk tall and strong, if you like a flat boot or sneaker, style then how you want and enjoy them. Your style is your choice, it doesn't have to be dictated by society of fashion icons, inspire to be like who ever you want or like you yourself. Take tips from people you admire, wear what feels like the best version of you. Take pride in yourself, in whoever you are and what ever it is you are doing, you deserve all that self love. And don't let anyone decide for you how to enjoy yourself, if you want - go out and dance with that mini skirt in the back of your closet waiting for some courage to wear it, in you want - wear a onesie and have a glass of wine in front of a good movie with your bestie or your special someone. Don't limit yourself by other people's limitations. Enjoy - everything - you can.

11.2.2017 19:30:55 7

On the way to the perfect pink, I have to go through some blonde...

10.2.2017 18:46:02 11

You know, for some people doing something simple like buying pants is an actual chore. Not leggings, not jeans, not gym tights or pantyhose but actual pants. It's a damn insecurity for me, but I felt that I came to point that I needed a nice pare of tight pants to wear with a simple white button down, like a normal person. For a couple years now, since I returned to Israel, I pushed off this task knowing It's not gonna make me feel great. In most stores here I am the largest size they have in pants cause I have a big butt and thick thighs and all that. Even my Bally fat has been increasing lately due to health issues. I work out hard, I eat well and healthy and this is who I am, not giving excuses, but this is me after 2-3 days a week at the gym and a daily routine of salads and barely any carbs or fats. This is the version of my body that's works extremely hard to maintain its physic in the same/ better shape. And this version is the biggest size they have in most stores. And every rational thought and fiber of my soul tells me it's not my effing fault, it's so much more complex than my butt not fitting in a pare of tight pants, and still, going to the mall, waking through stores, trying on a bunch of pants and not fitting in most of them, can get Discouraging even to the strongest of souls and minds. I ended up not buying these btw, cause they didn't feel the best but I tried, I tried a bunch and left the mall with a bag in my hand and a proud feeling. That I didn't let them get to me, not the numbers on the ticket attached to the back of my pant, not the way store employees looked at me when I asked "what's the biggest size you carry? Do you have size 44-46?", and walking away with a pair of new pants with the number 46 written on them, knowing damn straight that I have pants at home from years ago that still fit with the number 42, and that size increase in stores is a real thing. And feeling that it's okay, I'm strong today, and will never let a pair of pants upset me again.

7.2.2017 00:18:08 5
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Not bad at all! A well deserved #spa treatment

3.2.2017 16:05:45 9

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