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when u see bae for the first time in ages

20.2.2017 13:40:16 3

Waking up on a Sunday with no hangover

19.2.2017 15:55:05 8

when u realise it's Friday

17.2.2017 13:42:14 7
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when bae calls u beautiful ️

5.2.2017 15:07:10 3

when u go to the treat drawer and it's empty

3.2.2017 19:26:46 4
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When u realise that smell is u

1.2.2017 17:20:44 3

when u promised yourself you'd eat healthy and someone brings round sweets...

24.1.2017 21:17:31 2

What time do you call this?

24.1.2017 16:01:59 7

When u remember all the cringe things you were doing last night when u were drunk

21.1.2017 17:26:18 4

When u get an A in the exam and you didn't even study

20.1.2017 18:35:17 3

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