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✨Be you, everyone else is taken✨

15.2.2017 01:21:04 5

This would be damn amazing right now Favourite meal of all time last night

12.2.2017 13:45:30 5
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Weekends spent like this

15.1.2017 14:01:59 6

Stop saying "I Wish" & start saying "I Will" ✨

13.1.2017 04:16:19 7

2017 Fitness Goals Set ... BRING ON SEASON B In the mean time focusing on building a better package to bring to the stage

12.1.2017 12:58:29 11

M O R N I N G️️ I decided a few days ago that from now on I'm going to do majority of my workouts in the AM & today is the first day my new pre workout from @cellucor C4 is deffs giving me the energy I need this blue razz flavour

18.12.2016 22:44:21 8

M E A L P R E P S U N D A Y Who says Bikini girls don't eat One days worth of food right here ️I got my new meal plan from @nitrogirl_hq Iv got to say this is probably my favourite meal plan of all time.. TACOS EVERYDAY I'm now sitting on approx 2200 calories daily this does not include any sups or protein shakes or veggies that I cook for dinner I'm ready for the gains 🤓

18.12.2016 11:06:11 8

Wednesday mornings done right ✌️

14.12.2016 01:30:58 7

Where I would rather be @soph_lukajay_x

3.12.2016 04:30:02 7

Flash to the @awnbsofficial Queensland titles in May this year Looking back through stage photos, I get so excited to get back up stage next year Still unsure which season ❓but stay tuned and I will keep you updated

2.12.2016 12:16:35 12

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