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Painting flowers isn't for me. But I'm still trying. #lasobrasdemallar

21.2.2017 07:36:59 0

gold ✖️ silver ✖️ black #lasobrasdemallar

19.2.2017 08:13:59 3
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5 years ago, someone said I shouldn't be smiling or laughing. She said my teeth, my cheeks, everything about my smile is ugly, basically. I grew up aware, that I don't have a beautiful smile but I used to ignore it, until someone insensitively pointed it out. She used to shower me with compliments, she was my friend and that made it so unbearable. I hated my smile since then. And then the same year, I met this girl. She really helps me find happiness in being the person that I truly am. She makes me completely forget about my insecurities whenever I'm with her, I can just laugh it all out and be the ugliest goof I am you know. She makes me feel beautiful, and loved, and worth it, even if I'm an ugly mess. We all need that kind of friend. We need to be with someone who brings out the best in us, who sees our full potential even if we don't see them ourselves, someone who'll continue to build us up after seeing our worst. We're all worth it, we just really need to choose who we surround ourselves with and focus more on what makes us happy. I still hate my smile though, but I don't mind wearing them from time to time, especially when I'm with this cray cray. Happy Valentine's Day beshy! @reynaleenprafs ❤

14.2.2017 08:38:14 7
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I won't keep on saying those three empty words, we don't have to keep on saying those three empty words- : Michelle Mallar #lasobrasdemallar

8.2.2017 08:41:49 4

Queen Pia Wurtzbach, after years and years of hard work and drivenness, inevitably conquered the Universe, reminding each and everyone of us to never cease trying and aspiring because dreams do come true. Maxine Medina, despite all the hate she receives from her bashers and naysayers (mostly FILIPINOS), gracefully and courageously represented the Philippines in this year's Miss Universe. Two remarkable Filipinas we should all be proud of. ❤️️🇵🇭 #lasobrasdemallar

2.2.2017 11:13:29 10

15 years and... you still have my ❤️

29.1.2017 08:16:48 3

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