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Cheeto. I feel like her name is kinda insulting but but she is small and orange so its fitting.

23.2.2017 13:22:47 1

Close up on Cheeto.

22.2.2017 10:57:16 4

I like to put my hands in the tank so my girls can swim through my fingers and bite me ever so viciously.

21.2.2017 13:46:07 1
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I hope that this time he is a good dad.

21.2.2017 12:20:19 1

Im so so sorry that i havent posted in ages, but my phone broke. I just got it back from bring repaired. Update on my betta breeding. Sonic spawned with a female but soon after ate all his eggs. I tried pearl with a new female and the female beat Pearl up so i separated them immediately. Now im trying Sonic again and it looks like they are going to spawn. Im hoping that he doesnt eat the eggs again.

21.2.2017 11:08:22 1

I think she will be very impressed.

12.2.2017 14:56:11 1

Making a bubble nest to impress the lady. ❤ btw sorry about the dirty glass but this isn't a display tank.

12.2.2017 14:14:53 1

Hmmm btw the banging is my sister shooting a bow outside.

12.2.2017 13:14:36 5

Does this give you a clue as to what my suprise is?

12.2.2017 11:16:09 3
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I love King so much ❤❤

12.2.2017 07:37:06 3

I love Kings head holes.

12.2.2017 05:51:29 1

"I'm hiding, you can't see me "

12.2.2017 04:40:20 1

Look at that face!

12.2.2017 03:25:16 1


11.2.2017 14:06:10 1

My little poo head.

11.2.2017 12:01:50 3

I have a suprise coming up for you guys!

11.2.2017 09:42:14 3

Full sisters Do they look like crown tails to you?

11.2.2017 08:42:19 11

Im so disappointed that Sunkist tore his tail off . Its growing back really fast though so thats good.

11.2.2017 05:19:25 8

The pups.

11.2.2017 04:28:41 3

The King.

11.2.2017 03:09:07 1

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