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It was so nice meeting your pretty birdy and all your other animals @fins.feathers.fur 😀

11:59am 01/18/2017 2
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Sherbet died 😢 he had fin rot so i gave him some medicine and i must have overdosed it or something. So sorry guys. 😢😢

3:26am 01/14/2017 1

This is me swimming with Roccy. When i first got him he wouldn't even walk through a puddle. He is so brave! ❤

2:37am 01/13/2017 3
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Go check out @fins.feathers.fur ! Btw this is my 15 year old buckskin quarter horse gelding Little Roc!

9:50am 01/12/2017 3

Im changing my account from better_bettas to my.personal.zoo because i wanted to include my other amazing pets, like my dog Rusty in this video! 😀

9:26am 01/12/2017 1

I love how his beard is red instead of black! I cant wait for that chunk of his tail to grow back.. 😢

8:15am 01/12/2017 1
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