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1. Thank you I love my doggo too 2. Thanks Caitlin that must be a whole lot then 3. Hey frank

20.2.2017 00:55:56 0

I'm gonna watch Wayne's world and then get ready for school because I can

20.2.2017 00:34:33 4
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I fell asleep amd I woke up and I found my dog sleeping on my chest and I don't want to move to wake her up someone help me

19.2.2017 23:08:09 4

Yikes™ I fucked up in the chorus - (Heres a secret: I move my head a lot to get the bangs out of my face)

19.2.2017 14:02:35 7

Lmao I'm doing a comic swap with a few friends tomorrow I'm excited

19.2.2017 11:59:55 15
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Kill all your Friends - My Chemical Romance - My dog is my biggest fan okay guys. I'm even mouthing the lyrics to her - #mcrcover #mychemicalromance #killallyourfriends

19.2.2017 05:22:04 16

I think I know who this is. Bro I love you and care about you still man even if we don't talk as much. We'll still be friends in my mind. If anyone tries to fuck with you I'll be on their ass in an instant. Ilysm and miss you too❤❤❤

19.2.2017 04:07:44 0

Does anyone have any HQ pictures of Taylor York I need them

19.2.2017 04:04:24 2

self loathing just did a drop kick on my brain

19.2.2017 00:59:34 4

Its fucking raining can the weather like stop for a second I'm so confused its gonna give me allergies

19.2.2017 00:53:21 1

I am already 100% done with today and its not even 5 am

18.2.2017 23:34:50 2

Why do people slander lady gaga for being "weird and unnatural"? Like do you not get the point of it all? She attracted attention to herself and it worked, therefore boosting her career. Wasnt afraid to speak out at all, she made bold statements in both the music and fashion industry, and has spoken out about many controversial topics (most commonly noted from the iconic hit "born this way"). Never once has she "played it safe". She did it for the art of performing, not the fame and fortune. Also, her newest release "Joanne" had us see a different side of Gaga that we might have not seen before. A diverse collection filled with emotional ballads and pop anthems. She kept things new and fresh to avoid being basic, bland, and boring- which I lot of talented people I see are on the road to becoming. I think shes a genius in my opinion

18.2.2017 11:58:42 3

"Oh, you're Filipino? How is your English so good!" The amount of times Ive had to explain this I swear to god

18.2.2017 11:22:50 11

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