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For some reason this picture never really became all that popular... Which is a shame. @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/28/2017 11:07:04 PM 0

Guys, I forgot to update you on this but, you know, better late than never, I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN! It's red-ish/pink-ish now! (it used to be blue-green) @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/27/2017 9:43:55 PM 3
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I FINALLY FINISHED UNFILTERED!!! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/25/2017 6:26:27 PM 1

Hi! Sorry for being inactive... I've been feeling kind of happier this week. Hopefully, I'll keep feeling this way! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/24/2017 10:11:09 PM 1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY! I hope you are having the best day! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/18/2017 7:23:20 PM 3

Sunny day in LA, huh? Meanwhile, I'm still with my winter coat... Oh fuck, I almost forgot... Happy St. Patrick's day!!! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/18/2017 12:25:39 AM 3
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I hate that whenever we have something cool happening, it's always exclusively for Americans... Anyone else has to stay up all night or will never be included in anything. @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/16/2017 11:25:44 PM 9

I want to be happier and if that means getting rid of manipulative people in my life then hell yeah! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins #unfiltered

3/15/2017 5:31:02 PM 2

I've been feeling a bit better these days! Yay! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/14/2017 3:06:25 PM 1

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE! IT'S MARCH! Anyways, sorry for being so inactive! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins #unfiltered

3/13/2017 8:28:13 AM 3

Ahhh! I can't wait to read this book! My parents told me they'll order it for me on international women's day, which is today! Happy international women's day, Lily! Happy international women's day, everyone! Lily, I'm so so so proud of you for opening up to us about your experiences, even though you didn't have to! Thank you! I wish I could've inspired you somehow, just like the other girls did... @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/8/2017 8:11:49 AM 2

Unfiltered out TODAY! FIND IT! BUY IT! READ IT! LOVE IT! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/7/2017 8:22:04 AM 1

Really wish I could be more productive... @lilyjcollins #lilycollins

3/6/2017 9:41:14 PM 1

I read the first 2 chapters of Unfiltered this morning and then I was like "Mom... I need to order this book." and she just stared at me, sighed and said "Okay. Fine." and I'm just so happy! @lilyjcollins #lilycollins #unfiltered

3/5/2017 12:33:33 PM 3

Why doesn't Lily appear in the teaser for Okja???!?!? I really wanted to see her as Red. @lilyjcollins #lilycollins #okja #netflix

3/2/2017 7:15:18 PM 2

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