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Take me for real darling , don't be sad, always keep a smiling face, you're beautiful

16.2.2017 14:40:47 0

Happy Valentine's day to you my dearest jenny , you're the only one

14.2.2017 13:12:30 0
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Oh! Oops photo bombing -->Taylor swift , I remember, who else??????

12.2.2017 23:58:36 0

Wheres miss fb live, missing YOU @shailenewoodley

12.2.2017 08:32:43 0

who wanna sit on my #biceps and take a ride #jenniferlawrence #emmastone , @brielarson ,@emrata @emmawatson , @kendalljenner , @selenagomez

10.2.2017 08:34:13 1
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I'm not an alien nor a monster . I'm just accepting everything good your offering selena @selenagomez

9.2.2017 09:40:09 0

Hope i won't be cheaked or get into any issues @lax mr.prez and big trouble for some who try to vacate --> USA mr.president

8.2.2017 10:38:26 3

Thankyou so much @hvaughanjones , i trully belive , know that you people understand me well than fuckin indians, i tell you all romans & rahul legecy will remain for milleniums to come and guess what thats the fuckin indian Parliament future mirror image

6.2.2017 15:43:16 0

मज़ा आया था न पापा का मुँह में लेने में दोनों को?अब पूरी ज़िन्दगी दूंगा देखो कहाँ कहाँ तुमको और किसको,प्लीज इस बार दिल पे लेना हं,सक्ल मुझपे जायेगी

5.2.2017 19:53:25 0

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