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His face, do you like when justin wears these glasses?

27.2.2017 02:37:22 1
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When he dabs its the cutest thing

26.2.2017 20:35:49 2

I just made this my live lock screen

26.2.2017 13:52:16 3

His hands (this was such a belieber caption)

26.2.2017 00:55:40 3
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I had so much fun then in my mums car i had the my world 2.0 on ful blast wile waiting for my mum to come back with our kfc

25.2.2017 22:38:45 2

Better than some ballerinas i know @justinbieber

25.2.2017 16:50:48 1

Goodnight guys i love you all so much

24.2.2017 02:59:06 2

His smile is everything to me @justinbieber

24.2.2017 02:41:35 3

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