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When you tell your bf you're not hungry, but then eat all his food

15.2.2017 15:03:56 0

Can't keep his hands to himself @michaelheydad ️ #happyvalentinesday

14.2.2017 06:41:45 1

YES, I know I have stretch marks sometimes that's what happens when you lose 60kg... a whole other human in body weight.. I have problems with self image I admit, but someone very close to me told me that 'You are beautiful, you've accomplished what most people can't. Don't be ashamed of yourself. Love yourself you deserve it' Shoutout to my grandfather always coming through with the positive life lessons.. He taught me to block negativity out and always look at the positive no matter what the situation

4.2.2017 12:26:47 10

When you take photos and ask all your fellow snapchattians to see if the outfit is 'ok', and then you start stressing because no one is responding and then you take all your cloths off and cry, then you hear that glorious snapchat notification sound and it's your good friend who says 'lol yeah it's good' so now you're confidence is back and you put your outfit back on and live life to the fullest... and as a bonus the photo ends up being alright snaps always got my back

30.1.2017 11:04:26 11
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