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super beachy outfit on my part

21.2.2017 03:37:28 17

baby, you're so money and you don't even know it

18.2.2017 01:28:43 37

lonely sad tired and unmotivated but what's new

29.1.2017 07:35:59 21
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gloomy days with @dfreske -- planning a trip to la asap

16.1.2017 23:22:19 20

for the new year i'm trying to surround myself with people who want to be around me as much as i want to be around them and who are fun and wanna explore with me so hey if you're down to explore/shoot/rant about fake hoes/talk about the universe with me hmu let's hang

24.12.2016 06:05:07 22

i wanna do a live stream but i also feel like people probably wouldn't be interested in watching me eat marshmallows and rant about charlie kaufman

14.12.2016 06:59:11 19
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in case u needed help cringing today

14.11.2016 06:24:45 26

if this shoot could happen again like tomorrow that would be great thanks

21.10.2016 00:35:24 15

what is your top priority in life?

15.10.2016 18:55:41 33

i know how much it matters to you i know that you got daddy issues

9.10.2016 05:14:14 26

ain't nobody's baby

7.10.2016 00:33:31 23

I miss @ryyster and @zacharyleung

5.10.2016 16:50:13 22

I'm teaming up with @hinfluencercollective for #50KAuthenticPosts! A lot of times as photographers and models we post what we think other people want to see, and for this tag it's our turn to post what we want to see. This is my favorite photo of me. Maybe that's not humble to say, or maybe it's not your favorite photo of me, but this is my favorite. It's taken by one of my absolute favorite people, on one of my favorite kind of days~ just walking around with people I like and shooting casually and exploring new areas. This picture represents, to me, my favorite kind of photoshoot: the ones where amazing pictures come out of nowhere. For this picture, I laid in a sad little flower bed in front of a Chicago hotel while @jeskowithit snorted and crouched into an awkward position to take the shot. This unprofessional and unplanned set up turned into my favorite picture of all time. Post something authentic tonight, tomorrow, the next day. Post something you want to see, always. #50KAuthenticPosts #hinfluencercollective

5.10.2016 07:07:59 23

lowkey like half of my pics are me sitting on rocks by water but

4.10.2016 20:58:02 28

oh baby~ isn't that how you always wanted it anyways?

27.9.2016 03:40:26 42

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