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a 13 year old just roasted me in the comments on another one of my photos so yeah it's been a pretty great day

10:13pm 01/11/2017 18

will be posting more from this shoot considering the pics are incredible thanks to my love @jeskowithit

4:54am 01/09/2017 26
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for the new year i'm trying to surround myself with people who want to be around me as much as i want to be around them and who are fun and wanna explore with me so hey if you're down to explore/shoot/rant about fake hoes/talk about the universe with me hmu let's hang

3:05am 12/24/2016 22

i wanna do a live stream but i also feel like people probably wouldn't be interested in watching me eat marshmallows and rant about charlie kaufman

3:59am 12/14/2016 19
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