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I'm so sorry, but I gotta write this down cuz I'm so pissed off lately. So.. Some of Polish 'beliebers' are writing bad things about Slovak and Czech beliebers. I don't get this, idk why! They're saying that we're stupid, that he liked Poland better, that polish beliebers made him smile. And what? You think that it's better? I mean are u angry that he stayed in Prague two more days than he wanted to stay? That he ACTUALLY really liked it here? It was his first time here and he was happy here. He was smiling all the time and the show was amazing, we even made him cry of happiness! Are y'all jealous? Cuz I don't get this. We're one family! There's not two islands! Just one big island full of people that love the same person. So please, think before you say something stupid online. It can hurt some of us. Thanks -O #justinbieber

15.2.2017 23:47:20 1

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