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Part 5 -your pov I seriously hate summer holiday now, I know that I've always loved them, cuz god yes, no school. But work? Again? Sigh. I borrowed my dad's car and drove to cafe's. Since yesterday was my mind only on Jason. Like I literally couldn't even sleep because of him, trying to find some information about him online, but unfortunately I didn't. But why would Ryan say things like that then? I walked in the cafe's saying hi to everyone and changed my clothes in the changing room. Someone knocked on the door. "Yes?" I turned to the door and watched Jason walk in slowly. I looked at him, I was kinda scared and afraid, if he's really a killer, will he want to kill me? "What do you want from me Jason?" I crossed my arms. He closed the door "take you on a date y/n?" "No, leave me alone, you're stalking my ass" I said angrily "what will you do? Kill me after it?" My voice cracked a little bit but I was trying to stay strong. "y/n? What the heck?" #justinbieber imagine #justinbieber

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Part 4 -your pov "Alright, thank you Jason" I said as he parked his car right in front of my house. "You're more than welcomed" he said looking at the house "looks like someone's waiting for ya" . I looked to the house, yes, my boy best friend Ryan was waiting for me. "Oh that? That is my best friend" I smiled "alright, see ya" I got out and closed the door and watched him driving off fast. I turned to Ryan. "Hey" I smiled. "Who the heck was that?" He pointed at the place where Jason's car was. "Eh, one guy" I said as I walked to the door and opened it "are you coming in or?" I looked at him, he only nodded and walked. I closed the door "I'm home!" I shouted. "Honey? That's so soon" mom came to me kissing my cheek, I giggled and gave her keys from the cafe's. "Well, one guy, Jason, drove me home. He said you know his mom? Pattie?" I raised my eyebrows up. "Honey? Pattie died years ago, Pattie McCann died when u was born" she mumbled "she was my classmate". I only opened my mouth, from where the heck does he know my address then? "McCann? Isn't Jason McCann that known killer?" Said Ryan. I turned to him, killer? #justinbieber #justinbieber imagine

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