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Wedding crasher diaries|February 2017: If you want to crash weddings, twenty of you who look almost similar, weirdly dressed (definitely underdressed for a UP wedding) all carrying cameras and tripods please make sure you eat all seven courses, eat pani puri after dinner,complain that it's not as good as calcutta phuchka, look for the mocktails counter, if you don't like the mocktails teach the barman how to mix a Calcutta special doodh cola which he happily does and not only serve you but serves it to the other guests too, head to the glorious fruit ice cream counter, take lots of selfies while waiting for ten minutes for the ice-cream to get ready, greet everyone with your silliest smile, que up at the pop corn counter but then leave in a hurry from the back door Coz everyone else is gone and yet regret not having the banarsi paan.

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The newly initiated wedding crashers

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Varanasi nashto ka shahar hain, jaab jaago taab savera

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