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It's the third time that I post this video but it's so cute! Please read this caption because I really wanna thank y'all. It's been a while now that I created this page(June 4th, 2016) and I'm really shocked. I never expected that. I never thought of reaching that many followers one day. I always thought yeah maybe I'll reach ten thousand but not more. There were tough times, I always tried to delete my page because I thought I should spend my time with my family or friends instead. I tried and tried but here I am again. I couldn't go. If you're once a selenator, you're always a selenator. It's hard to leave all that behind. It's almost impossible. I was gone for one day and it felt like one month. I felt bad without my selenator family. You're all my family as well. I'm so glad that i created this page because I had known lots of selenators which I became good friends with. There're all so sweet I love u all. ❀ No words can describe this love! Thank you so much. Especially big thanks to my queen @selenagomez ❀ crazy reached 85k today.. I would've laughed if something had told me that I'll reach almost 100k some day..

7:23pm 01/16/2017 44
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She really looks happy and I like Abel very much so I'm happy for her😍 @theweeknd @selenagomez

2:39am 01/12/2017 0

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